Steve Kornacki Felt a ‘Little Squeamish’ With Some Memes About Him

Celebrities often have to get used to looking and respecting their fans, but not everyone who gets attention for the look is expected – or ready for it. . As more and more of our time is spent consuming news media and as we have a cultural penchant for reality TV, many news outlets are getting the notorious treatment from fans. Fans are getting more invested in the personal lives of their favorite news and have even started to press some of those journalists.

Steve Kornacki is the latest news anchor to receive such a response, and his MSNBC election broadcast left fans awake – and feeling squeamish.

Steve Kornacki with an amazing feeling
Steve Kornacki | Photos by Lloyd Bishop / Getty

News clocks around the clock create new stars

It was not long before they received most of their news from their local nightly acres and did not receive daily coverage of daily events. However, as cable news networks control the airwaves, that has changed. News anchors now need to introduce more detailed analysis to keep the cameras running, and that has led to fan-favorite networks and special displays – often based around the network or on the political views of the narrator himself.

As the 2020 presidential election proved to be an event in which the majority of Americans were tuned to their seats, the networks ’coverage of the growing results attracted many viewers. Each network had its own narrator flavor, and – since the results went on for days before networks began calling the race – many reporters had to work under high pressure for long hours, continue to engage viewers when there was nothing new to report.

Steve Kornacki broadcast on MSNBC

As the pressure of the election went on and on, it seemed impossible to stop Steve Kornacki – an MSNBC journalist. Many people commented on his calm and logical manner day after day… day after day. Fans began to wonder how he managed to wake up. Kornacki admitted to being burned on caffeine, noting that both Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi are his survival tools. He became a popular fan for relying heavily on stats and math and keeping a level head as chaos moved around him.

His fashion choices caught the eye of fans. Even without sleep, Kornacki remained professional and never appeared on screen unattended. His khaki pants became a sort of signature. As the days went on, Kornacki’s fame and reach grew, backed by the support of celebrities like the experienced social media navigator Chrissy Teigen.

Some fans developed tension on Steve Kornacki

Kornacki, who is certainly a private individual, began to grow the following which included a number of fans admitting that they were pressing for the news anchor. He became known as the “Twitter lover,” and some fans began to quench his thirst with some steamy tweets of value.

While there may be some who would like all the attention, Kornacki was a little intimidated by it. He interviewed Time in which he admitted that the wait between votes when he felt the shock was overwhelming. “I could feel dead tired, barely keeping my eyes open, and then the moment the new vote came in, there was a bit of a rush in something new,” he explained. . At first, Kornacki had no idea of ​​his newfound status on social media: “it took a day or two to realize that such stuff was happening.” Eventually, he became aware of how friends and family began to comment on what fans were saying about him.

As fans began to refer to him as a “map daddy,” Kornacki embraced him entirely with good humor but with a bit of discomfort. “It simply came to our notice then. Some of it made me a little squeamish, but it all came from a good place, ”Kornacki replied with good nature.

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