‘Soul’ Star Jamie Foxx Gave This Advice to Michael B. Jordan and Chadwick Boseman

Jamie Foxx worked his way up in Hollywood with advisors like Keenan Ivory Wayans on it In vivid color. Foxx became a film star, Oscar winner and recording artist all his life. Now he wants to pass it on to the next generation. His voice role in Pixar’s Anam he reminded Foxx of the advice he once gave to the likes of Michael B. Jordan and the late Chadwick Boseman.

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx | NBC

Foxx spoke at the Zoom news conference for Anam. As he plays the mentor to the unborn soul, 22 (Tina Fey), Foxx remembered his own mentor. Anam now flowing forward Disney +.

‘Soul’ star Jamie Foxx remembered his mentors

Foxx already wanted to make music when he was on the go In vivid color, and released his first album in 1994. Even back then, Foxx relied on his advisors to help him break out of the boxes he wanted to keep. -in.

Soul: 22 and Joe
LR: 22 and Joe enters Anam | Disney / Pixar

“I’m thinking about the different platforms,” Foxx said. “They didn’t have platforms when we were coming up. I remember getting to LA and just, I was on Sunset Boulevard like, okay. FaceTimebook, Snapcrack, had nothing. Now, you have it all. So sometimes the artist, therefore, jumps back and relies on just the social platform instead of pushing their art. ”

Jamie Foxx has faith in the next generation

Foxx remembers the other artists who came out with him in the ’90s. He hopes this generation will make an impact anyway.

“Where is the young child, under 30, whom we look to be Larenz Tate? ”Foxx said. “Where’s the girl, under 30, in Halle [Berry]. Where are all these? So I regularly tell the young artist, ‘Man, this is the best time because someone sees you if you stay there.’

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