‘Soul’ Movie Review: Pixar Movie Loses Its Soul Along the Way

Anam following a cinematic tradition of showing the afterlife. Some films have traditional clouds and pearl gates like that Heaven can wait. Some are as careless as Protecting your life. Some are abstract like What dreams come of or technical as Nine days. Pixar’s is a bit of both.

Soul: Joe and 22
LR: Joe and 22 | Disney / Pixar

Anam combining the abstract and careless. So he also makes some unusual choices, some of which may stray from the saltiest potential. All in all, it’s a great holiday treat for the whole family on Disney +.

Pixar has a ‘soul’

Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) is a high school band teacher. He gets a full-time job and the opportunity to play with the Dorothea Williams Quartet on the same day. His lab is going so well, he’s dragged and falls into a hole.

Soul: Quartet Dorothea Williams
Hearings Joe (left) for Dorothea Williams (right) Disney / Pixar

Joe and 22 still meet more music along the way. Imagine animating proper piano playing, with a whole band playing in sync. Abominable did that too but Anam they would have already been animated before it came out so the two films at their musical animation may have come apart, but just as meticulously.

Anam coming to healthy conclusions about what we might think to be our cause, and those unrealistic expectations for the impact of one event. Movies often enable these types of expectations instead. The film could have stood out in another version to match these themes with potential first, and they have an extra year if they want it. But the version they finished isn’t bad. It’s just that Pixar isn’t perfect.

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