‘Soul’: How Pixar Made Their Own Rules for the Afterlife

Disney and Pixar are hoping for that Anam there will be a little bit of heaven for your family Christmas. Or, not specifically Heaven, but their own careless way of the next life. Anam directors Pete Docter and Kemp Powers explained how they planned their vibrant next life at Anam.

Anam Pixar: Terry
Terry (right) keeps tabs on all souls | Disney / Pixar

Powers and Docter was part of the Zoom for Soul press conference. Anam premieres on Disney + December 25.

Pixar was making up their own resurrection rules for ‘Soul’

When a person dies, their soul returns to the highway. This is where Joe Gardner (voice of Jamie Foxx) discovers the Great Before as well. This is where souls are assigned babies for birth.

“We realized that if the souls just ran around amok, no one would ever be born,” said the Doctor. “It simply came to our notice then. So they need some guidance. The kind of universe falling into itself in some form we wanted to look was not like another soul, not as a person from Earth. So, we created those advisors that are like lines. ”

Even Pixar’s ‘Soul’ rules created new challenges

Docter believed that they had created a simple character to guide the souls through the Great Before.

“They’re like taking a string and twisting it into a human shape, but you didn’t have too much wire,” said the Doctor. “It’s not two-dimensional. It’s a little three-dimensional. ”

Pixar soul counselors
Councilors Disney / Pixar

“We played around, for a while, with an actor or a scientist,” Docter said. “But as soon as we found a jazz musician, that felt very unhealthy. You don’t go into jazz to get rich and famous. You do it because you love it and have a passion for it. ”

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