‘Soul’ Directors Reveal the Message of the Disney+ Movie Might Not Be What You Think

Anam here for families to enjoy Disney + for the holidays. The inspirational film deals with life and death, the next life and finding a person’s purpose. It has an interesting message for the whole family, but it may have more to say than you realize the first time you look at it.

Anam Joe may let go of his dream, but it also gives him a chance that it is just as valid if you change your mind along the way.

“Everyone who sits in that audience should be able to see their lives represented on screen,” Powers said. “It’s something I really hope for because I feel that every life is precious. People do not have a more precious life based on their fame or wealth. “

Pete Docter agreed with the message

Docter supported Kemp Anammessage.

Soul: Quartet Dorothea Williams
Hearings Joe (left) for Dorothea Williams (right) Disney / Pixar

“Many of us grew up with this idea that we need to find our way to deserve it,” said the Doctor. “That’s why a number of times, some of these goals end up being self-explanatory or self-limiting. One of the aims of the film is to say that we value it by being alive. We already have enough. We all deserve to enjoy what life has to offer. All you have to do is open your eyes and look around. ”

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