Skinnygirl Mogul Bethenny Frankel Predicts a Business Boom Post-Pandemic for ‘People Who Have Used This Time Wisely’

We often turn to celebrities for advice and guidance. For everything from fitness tips to diet tips and from makeup tips to makeup tips, celebrities are happy to offer what worked for them, and fans are eager to learn more and see how they can to use the advice in their own lives.

Of course, sometimes this advice is not helpful at all, but sometimes celebrities gain experience in supporting their recommendations. Finance is one area where we tend to listen to celebrities. Stars often have more revenue than most of their fans see, so we tend to look up to them when it comes to money management tips. and the pursuit of success.

Bethenny Frankel has frequently used her platform to highlight her own financial success and offer advice on how to pursue it. Now that the pandemic has caused so much financial turmoil to people around the world, Frankel predicts that a rise in small business will rise for those who “used this time wisely. ”

Who is Bethenny Frankel?

Bethenny Frankel smiles in front of a white background
Bethenny Frankel | Erik Voake / Getty Images

Frankel is known for his entrepreneurial skills and for his appearance Real New York Housewives. According to Business Insider, Frankel had an abusive childhood where she had to grow up fast.

She went to LA after college hoping to become an actress, and came to a place on the 2005 reality show The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. At the time, she was promoting her brand Bethenny Bakes, a cookie company with a focus on natural foods. By 2009, she was working as a private chef and had written a book about so-called healthy eating habits Naturally thin.

When she was spoken to about appearing on it Real New York Housewives, she was child-free and single, which made her a perfect fit for the reality TV series. She appeared on the show starting in 2008, and was open about money-making and loneliness, which eventually rebroadcast to many viewers.

With the support of fans, the sale of her books grew rapidly, which helped her launch her Skinnygirl brand in 2009.

Bethenny Frankel Skinnygirl succeeded

Today, Frankel seems to be famous for its financial success found through the sale of Skinnygirl. The mogul came up with the idea of ​​creating a margarita blend that everyone can enjoy without the guilt over sugar and calories.

With this inspiration, Skinnygirl was born. Eventually, its product line expanded to other flavors and beverages, and it was so successful that it was able to sell the beverage – related portion of its brand for $ 120 million reported in 2011.

Frankel sees that sale as a kind of financial security that she could not have achieved before: “You have to be very diligent in saving or investing, or have an event called, as a matter of course, and that was my Skinnygirl contract. ”

Boosted by her financial success, Frankel became known as an entrepreneur guru and has since emerged as a guest investor Shark tank as well as discussing its financial proposals in general.

Bethenny Frankel predicts an industrial boom will follow a pandemic

Appearing as a guest on it am podcast Everything is symbolic of Danny Pellegrino, Frankel gave some insight into the current state of the economy. Pellegrino asks Frankel what she would suggest for someone out of work during the pandemic who wants to try his hand at entrepreneurship.

Frankel replied that she believes that many small businesses will emerge from a time that has never been seen: “There was never a time when people had to fly. And as a result of this pandemic I think there will be a big spike in small businesses for the people who are not just paralyzed and sticky; for those who have used this time wisely and are sowing seeds for growth. That’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve only been sitting around baking cookies and just talking about how much I’m worried. I have worked hard. ”

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