Shia LaBeouf Once Got Kicked Out of a Bed and Breakfast While Filming ‘Fury’ Because He Stole Chicken From the Bilderberg Meeting

Shia LaBeouf had countless stories about the strange – and at times reckless – things he did all his life. While many are funny, one is about an incident that happened while filming Fury taking the cake.

The troubled actor apparently stole some chicken from Bilderberg’s meeting, which kept him at the same bed and breakfast he and the team lived in. After stealing food from one of the most important and forbidden meetings in the world, he had to move to another bed and breakfast shortly afterwards.

Shia LaBeouf was kicked out of bed and breakfast while filming ‘Fury’

Shia LaBeouf
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Fury was shot in several locations across England, forcing the actors to change accommodation arrangements several times. At one point during filming, LaBeouf had to stay at a different bed and breakfast as it bothered a group to meet critically.

“There was another reason they had to move me to another bed and breakfast,” LaBeouf said. “So there was, they were – getting – a kind of meeting, some meeting at one of our hotels, and they all had this chicken.

He and Jon Bernthal were very hungry and they wanted chicken

LaBeouf and one of his co-stars, Jon Bernthal, were preparing to go out for a day of shoes, but they were hungry. Bernthal advised that they would wait until they got ready to eat, but LaBeouf did not feel like they were waiting.

Instead, the two decided to take food from the supply explosion that attendees of the meeting should have had.

“Bernthal and I were sitting on this bed one day, and we were hungry and Bernthal was like, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll eat when we get there,'” LaBeouf said. “And I figured, ‘Nah, f— e, we’re just getting this hen. So I put it away for the chicken. He saw the security coming, just as it was, erased. ”

Shia LaBeouf tried to steal a chicken from a secret hotel meeting

Although Bernthal had decided not to take food out of the meeting, LaBeouf went ahead and grabbed some for them to eat. He was immediately stopped by security, who questioned why he was there.

“Yeah, so I caught a chicken or two, and then I walked out,” LaBeouf said. And as I walk out, security is like, ‘What do you think you’re doing? ‘And I turned around, I was like,’ Well, I’m part of this meeting, I just get my chicken, everyone gets chicken. Chill out. ”

He stole a chicken from the Bilderberg meeting

Although LaBeouf meant no harm, he did not know where he stole chicken from. Apparently, he had raised chickens from a special Bilderberg meeting, which holds annual talks about the future of business, politics and society as a whole.

Needless to say, it was a very important meeting at which he stole food.

“It’s like,‘ You know this is a Bilderberg meeting, ’” LaBeouf said. “You know what the Bilderberg meeting is. ”

Shocked by the information, LaBeouf finally realized how bad it was. He was surrounded by some of the most powerful and influential people in the world and had starved two of them.

“In this one meeting, I’m stealing chicken from the Bilderberg, I thought it was people talking about anything,” LaBeouf said. “They talk about running the whole world, And as it is, the Koch brothers, George Soros, are just a wild group of people. And I’m just walking around with a hen in my hand. ”

Shia LaBeouf had to find another place to stay

Shortly after he had done what he had done, security called and made him kick out of bed and have breakfast.

“So it’s awful, but yes, they were – there was someone in the meeting [imitates walkie-talkie noise] and then they kicked me. ”

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