Shaq Doesn’t Want His Daughters Dating NBA Players

Shaquille O’Neal may have built a huge fortune largely because of the NBA, but that doesn’t mean he wants a similar life for his kids. Speaking of his daughters, O’Neal recently said he didn’t want them to go around NBA players. Although he would not give him a hand, he explained why in a recent interview.

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Who is Shaquille O’Neal?

O’Neal joined the NBA in 1992 after a successful career at Louisiana State, according to curriculum vitae. At 7’1 ″ high and over 300 lbs, a player with not only O’Neal size but too many skills was expected to pass, and for nearly 20 years after that, O’Neal was one of the biggest names in the NBA. Starting in Orlando as a member of the Magic, O’Neal quickly showed he was more than just an athlete.

From his earliest days in the NBA, O’Neal was as good at entertainment as he was as an athlete. From putting on almost any cast of support to platinum records and starring in several films, O’Neal became a household name in a way that few, side by side, could do. outside Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, a dream ever.

Although O’Neal took a small step back from those when he joined the Lakers, to this day, he remains a major staple on television for both basketball analysis and the penchant for entertainment. He has made a penny for himself too. according to Radio, O’Neal is worth over $ 400 million and counts. He has spent the money specifically as well.

Of course, his children reaped the benefits from this as well. That doesn’t mean he wants them to fall into the same lifestyle choices he made.

The family of Shaquille O’Neal

Speaking of his father, 48-year-old O’Neal spoke Weekly Us about the impact it has on his children’s lives.

“I want them to be fully educated or… completely independent,” O’Neal said. “I want them to have most of those goals and as soon as they turn 18 and become small adults, I’m not going to be a father who says , ‘Do this, do that. ‘ [I’ll] lead them in the right direction … In the perfect world, I wish they had bags and masters and [be] going into their own realm. ”

O’Neal jokingly said he doesn’t want his daughters to go back until they’re 25, and when they start, he doesn’t want them to test NBA waters for lawyers. In fact, he wants them to choose the men who are right for them.

“I don’t really have a lot of rules,” Shaq said. “The moms do a great job of picking them up and picking them up and doing everything. I’m more of that guy the arbitrator. If my ex – wife tells my daughter, ‘You can’t have a boyfriend now,’ I would say, ‘Guys are crazy. Do this. You need to focus on your education. Learn a little about yourself before you start thinking about guys. ‘I’m more like the buffer.’

It is not known if this advice remains to be seen, but it is clear that Shaq wants his children to succeed in everything they do. Whether it’s basketball, date, or another professional field, Shaq wants his children to be able to get ahead more than family name and business.

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