‘Shameless’: Emma Kenney Admitted She Had a Major Crush On 1 On-Screen Brother

Fans of the hit Showtime series Shameless watched Emma Kenney grow up before their eyes. Starting the series when she was in elementary school, the 21-year-old actress is unique in spending her life on Showtime’s longest running series.

As a result, she has undergone a number of changes to the camera, including the same bizarre obstacles young teenagers face as they travel into adulthood.

Who is Emma Kenney?

Emma Kenney
Emma Kenney | Michael Tran / FilmMagic

Kenney took to the stage on screen when she wasn’t even ten years old. Starting with the short film Lyre Liar, she caught up with the acting beast early and it didn’t take long to get more prominent positions. Appears in several short films, in addition to feature length Bittersweet and Day Camp, Kenney was not a child star, with any stretch, but she seemed on the way to becoming one.

While many children’s stars opt for family-friendly movies to jump away, Kenney began appearing in more mature projects despite his young age. A 2011 look at the HBO series Boardwalk empire an example of this. From there, Kenney got her most important break yet. That same year, she made her debut as a regular series on Shameless’s debut program, a ceremony that is just now folded ten years later.

Mar Shameless became more popular, Kenney started getting more jobs. She had a voice role in the 2013 animated film Epic and also appeared on short-term recovery Roseanne. After making a name for herself in hot water, she continued that role in the Roseanne-less spinoff The Conners and they still show up Shameless throughout.

Le Shameless the eleventh and final series now has a pair of major roles in the future My love and marriage and Growing up Gorman, Fans of Tom de Shameless. But, she will always be Debbie Gallagher.

Kenney forward Shameless

Kenney had a wild ride on it Shameless who started out as the innocent young girl of the Gallagher family and went into an abusive message. Engaged in a toxic environment at home, an audience watched as young Debbie woke up sexually at the age of 13 when she fell in love with a much older man.

From there, the fear of pregnancy and much experimentation helped the once naive young child grow into a woman before their eyes.

Perhaps more than any other character, she is a testament to the kind of family she grew up around. And growing up on screen, this also meant Kenney had to engage with real-world emotions with her on-screen family.

On-screen crushing Emma Kenney

When nine – year – old Kenney landed on the show, according to Vultutre, her brother on screen, Jeremy Allen White, hit her craving. Still young and upset, she opened up about her schoolgirl crush in a 2014 Vulture interview.

“Oh my God, even if someone just tells me, I’ll start sweeping. It is so strange and shameful. I can’t talk to anyone. When I was 9, when the show first started, I had the biggest crush on Jeremy [Allen White], who plays Lip – I didn’t even tell him that. I hope he doesn’t read this. Of course I don’t strain Jeremy anymore, he looks like my brother, but even today, I talk to him and I can’t No blush. It’s so weird. ”

However, that crush remained as she got older, even though she laughed at it like a normal schoolgirl drama.

“Oh, yes. He’s a very nice guy, so he says nothing. But it’s so obvious that my face is bright red, at random. We’re talking about a book – book, no, Jeremy, don’t read. We talk about music or whatever it is and I just delete it. It’s such a shame. I always apologize: “Oh man, it’s so hot today. ”

Kenney’s relentless job of growing up was before the eyes of an audience. While this may have been strange on screen, however, it also meant tackling the obstacles of adolescence as she grew into a young woman.

Now a young adult, Kenney’s 2014 interview shows just what it’s like to be a children’s actor who grows up in front of the world. While everything is in progress Shameless it’s silly, though, behind those average characters, every day there were people like Kenney.

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