‘Sex and the City’: Sarah Jessica Parker Once Said Carrie Bradshaw Is a ‘Part’ of Her, But Not ‘Within’ Her

Sarah Jessica Parker ‘s role as Carrie Bradshaw in Feis and the City extremely important of the career. Her part in the show led her to superstition and gave her great wealth along the way.

However, despite all the fun she had with the character Carrie Bradshaw, Parker may not feel that the character is inside her.

Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t feel like Carrie Bradshaw is inside her

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker, from ‘Sex and the City,’ answers questions at a press conference | TED ALJIBE / AFP through Getty Images

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Even though she has spent more than a decade playing the role of Carrie Bradshaw on the big and small screen, Parker does not feel that the character is personally within her. When it was time for the team to return and start shooting new events, she had to be reminded who the character was and how she should move.

She considered her connections to the character Carrie Bradshaw during a reappearance in 2018 GQ interview.

“It’s not so much that I feel Carrie in me,” Parker said. “We would have a long time and then we would go back to work, and you would do that quickly. You’d, muscle rediscovery or something like that, be a little deceived by hiatus. “

Carrie Bradshaw’s role is a key part of Sarah Jessica Parker’s life

Even though she doesn’t personally make a connection to the character Carrie Bradshaw, Parker is quick to realize how important the role was in her life and professional development. She will not completely relinquish the role that led her to superstitious status.

“So you get that stuff very quickly, but it ‘s a part of you in ways that you can’t – it’s hard to tell the ways in which it is… it’s in you,” Parker said. “It’s part of your memories, it’s part of your most important professional moments and the years and time you spent.”

She always wanted to play other characters

A major reason for the disconnect between Parker and the character is her desire to take on new roles and play other characters. It’s easy to understand why she wouldn’t want to be seen as a one-pony pony, however, she’s not against returning to the profession.

“It’s very emotional and hilarious, but the character isn’t in me because I am – you know, it’s really someone else’s creation,” Parker said. “And I love playing other people and other parts. But if I am asked to find it again, I could manage it. ”

Sarah Jessica Parker is reminded of ‘Sex and the City’ every day

Even if she wanted to, Parker could never escape the influence of Carrie Bradshaw on women in American culture. She always reminds the character every day of her life.

“That part, and that story … I think they’re so everyday in my life, in ways that are very obvious, and then ways that aren’t.” Parker said. “Whether it’s people on Instagram or walking down New York Street, or people seeing me, or I remember a crossroads where I shot two dozen or more scenes. ”

Sex and the City has many generations of fans

What is even more impressive is how far Feis and the City has been relevant. Today, there is a new generation of young women who love the show and everything it represents.

“It’s a huge privilege to have that,” Parker said. “It’s not just the memory of the experience, but the connection to the audience that was with us and discovering us. But today a new generation of young women is stopping me, literally every day of my life, to share their feelings and thoughts and their respect for this show and the film. . ”

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