Selena Gomez Gets Last Laugh With Talk Show Host, Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams was never shy about speaking mentally. In fact, the guest talk show has made an entire career out of focusing on the lives of celebrities. One such celebrity is that she gave a very brutal review a few years ago of Selena Gomez. Gomez is one of the most famous people in the world and has made a name for herself as an actress, singer, producer and entrepreneur. However, Williams seemed to believe that the Very rarely an artist gained fame in another way.

Selena Gomez and the talk show Wendy Williams
Selena Gomez and Wendy Williams

Fans of Gomez, often referred to as Selenators, will remember that the 28-year-old began her career at a very young age when she was thrown at the hit children’s show. Barney & friends. However, Gomez exploded into superstition when she got her own show on the so-called Disney Channel Wizards of Waverly Place. While at Disney, she launched her music course and nurtured a much larger fan base. But it is clear that Williams does not follow Gomez ‘s music.

Wendy Williams beat Selena Gomez on her talk show

Gomez has been criticized for her singing ability for years now. And while she admits she is far from the best speaker in the world, that hasn’t stopped her from being very successful in the industry. Fans are drawn to the feeling that Gomez adds to her music and even some critics may admit that a few of her songs are fun to listen to. However, Williams does not even recognize Gomez as a singer. Back in 2017, during a tap of Wendy Williams Exhibition, she did not hold on to Gomez.

“Selena Gomez is perhaps one of the most prolific artists out here,” Williams said. “Selena is not a singer. Williams went on to say that Gomez was a “nice girl” and he has used that to her advantage. The guest shared a talk show that Gomez used her looks to get into relationships that keep her in the news and thus keep people interested in her music.

Williams credited the ‘Boyfriend’ singer dated Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, Zedd, and The Weeknd to further her career

“They say she’s getting back the stars who are going to help her with collaborations and things like that,” Williams said, citing rumors of Gomez dating back Bieber, and The Weeknd for publicity. “And then once the music is out she lets them down and moves on to the next one. What keeps you in the public eye more than you know poppin relationship because you all fall for it, we talk about it on hot topics, and it keeps us going . ”

Continuing, Williams said that Gomez (who was only 24 at the time) only had a few more years to play this “game” before she lost all relevance. “That’s how you have to play the game to keep up with your Instagram followers,” Williams said of the “Boyfriend” singer. “If you’re not as talented as you, you’ll be networking. At 24, it’s called networking at 34, it’s called something else. At 27, people start looking at you with a side eye, so good luck, Selena. ”

Gomez’s career has been a success despite being single for years

Naturally, many Selenators were greatly disturbed by Williams’ comments on her presentation. But Gomez seems to be making the final laugh. At 28, the singer seems to be thriving. This year alone, she submitted several acting and production projects, filmed her own cookery show, launched her beauty company, released a new album, won millions of followers on Instagram , and won first number 1 for her song “Lose You Gus mo gràdh”. And she did all this without being in any kind of romantic relationship. Gomez may not be the best singer in the world, but it seems that she doesn’t need anyone, famous or not, to make her relevant.

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