‘Scrubs’ Star Sarah Chalke Also Starred in Another Popular ABC Show

Sarah Chalke is best known for her role as Dr. Elliot in the famous TV show Scrubs. But before she placed her stethoscope at Sacred Heart Hospital, Chalke had already appeared in another popular sitcom. However, even though she was a member of the show’s show for three years, viewers never accepted her in the post.

Fortunately, her career didn’t end there, and she went on to play a number of characters who belonged only to her.

How she became the “Second Becky”

Sarah Chalke
Sarah Chalke | Jordin Althaus / E! Photo Photography Bank / NBCU

according to Closer to each week, when the sitcom Roseanne debuted in 1988, the part of Roseanne Becky ‘s daughter was played by Lecy Goranson. But by the end of Season 5, Goranson had started college. She moved with the show for a while, but soon discovered that her academic life was too difficult for her to keep up with filming. She moved out of the series, and Chalke got the job.

Season 6 began with Chalke as Becky, with a bit of humor, but no real explanation for the change. To add to the controversy, she played Becky for Seasons 6 and 7, then Goranson came back for Season 8. Chalke took the part again the following year for last season.

Understandably, this back and forth caused a bit of a stir among the audience, and for years Chalk was dubbed “Second Becky. ”But Chalke’s career spans far more than her years Roseanne, and her biggest career came after her time as Becky.

The role of Sarah Chalke

according to TV Guide, Chalke began her love of acting at the age of eight, when she appeared in musical theater performances in her hometown of Vancouver. She broke into TV at the age of 12, as an environmental commentator on the children’s series KidZone. She was 16 when she got the part Roseanne, and when that show ended in 1997, she went on to appear in a handful of films made for TV.

In 2001, she realized her true leading role, as Dr. Elliot Reid in the sitcom Scrubs. For the next nine seasons, she captured the hearts of viewers as the weird doctor in romance over and over again with fellow doctor JD.

Although it was a comedy, Scrubs surprisingly correct when it came to medical details. It seems that some background in useful medical acting would come to Chalke later, when she submitted a story for a famous medical drama. Not only did she come to a guest role on the show, but she was able to draw attention to a rare disease that had struck too close to home.

After the Scrubs

Nicki Swift reports that Chalke contacted in 2013 Anatomy Gray showrunner Shonda Rhimes, asking one mother to play with her sick child. It turns out that the child suffers from a rare, potentially fatal self-defense condition, Kawasaki Disease (KD).

She was given the story and the role, which meant a lot to her because it brought light to the situation. Chalke’s son, Charlie, had suffered from KD, and she wanted to share information with other parents about the importance of immediate recognition and treatment.

In addition, Chalke has also appeared in other popular TV series, including How I met your mother and Baile Cougar. Currently, she talks the character Beth Smith on the animated series Adult Swim Rick and Morty.

Chalke may have been seen as a direct supporter for the real Becky early in her career, but these days, she’s clearly one of a kind.

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