Sarah Paulson Hesitates To Describe Herself This Way

Sarah Paulson is a well-known actress known for her ability to represent complex roles, such as those seen in Ryan Murphy’s shows. No matter how her fans, peers, and critics describe her, there is one word that Paulson refuses to use to describe herself.

Sarah Paulson
Sarah Paulson | Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Sarah Paulson is noted for her work with Ryan Murphy

Before he started on Murphy’s list of talented actors, Paulson appeared Law & Order, Dead wood, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and Emergency housewives, among other things. When she met Murphy, Paulson said she redefined what success meant to her.

“When I met Ryan Murphy, [success] pigeon tail and showed it to me, ”Paulson said in an interview with the Off camera by Sam Jones podcast. “I didn’t look any further [working as an actor] so much, that I kept happy where I was, but then as opportunities come, you will be more graceful. ”

When Paulson met Murphy, those opportunities came in. And she became very hungry.

As a child, Sarah Paulson aspired to be Julia Roberts

As an up-and-coming actress, Paulson wanted to be the next leading woman in romantic comedies. When she was young, Paulson wanted to get a job as Julia Roberts.

I wanted to be that kind of win – personalized, the kind of deceptive person in America because I thought that’s how you define success, ”said Paulson.

As she matured in the industry, Paulson realized how different successes look for all actors. In fact, she was never interested in making “a big, big popcorn film * – the kind of movie you would make” grab your friends and go watch. ” Instead, Paulson took on roles that allowed her to run with honesty.

Sarah Paulson pauses to call herself ‘artist’

Whatever her experience as an actress, Paulson struggles to define herself as anything but.

“I always feel so uncomfortable using the word artist to describe myself,” Paulson admitted. “I really appreciate it when people say that [I’m an artist] – I know I say that about people who have a job that I value, but for me, I always feel a bit like, ‘Don’t say that about yourself. ‘So I always want to say. But I think the pursuit of excellence and honesty in my work has always been central. ”

Sarah Paulson found her explanation of the success of playing Marcia Clark

In 2016, Paulson replaced Marcia Clark live in another Murphy project. Paulson’s portrait of Clark in American Crime Story: The People Against OJ Simpson captured by audience and critics alike. In addition, she won a Primetime Emmy award for leading actress in a limited edition series.

Ironically, Paulson said Clark played her life “worse.” Suddenly, after winning an Emmy, Paulson felt a great deal of pressure.

“[You think] “Is that it?” She said, adding:

[You think] am I ever going to get a part that is so interesting, interesting and challenging and scary and relaxing with people? Am I ever going to take the opportunity to fight hard for a character while I do it? Is it ever so important to me?

Paulson wants to continue striving for excellence as an actor. And for many of her fans, she has done just that.

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