Sarah Jessica Parker Said Lorne Michaels ‘Ignored’ Her When She Hosted ‘SNL’ in the mid-’90s

The executive producer and creator of the weekly comedy series NBC, Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels is not well known for his sunny manner. But, e.g. Feis and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker says then when she hosted the show in the mid-90s, Michaels ended up ignoring her.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker | Bettina Cirone / LIFE Image Collection through Getty Images

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A 1995 Iris New York an article on internal workings Saturday Night Live he shed light on Michaels’ style of rule. Most team members and / or writers did not have clear reviews.

“Veterans SNLIn the first five glorious years Michaels came a long way back then, ”the publication said. One contemporaries of the Saturday Night Live the creator told New York Magazine:

Lorne always wanted him to be respected – honored, even. Which is different from being famous. Different from being rich. And different from being sexy. He wants to be a myth, and would have a LEGENDARY tattoo in his underwear if possible.

Much of that obsession with being “mythical” is reflected in how he treats famous weekly guests – against his staff.

“Every week, Michaels poses for dozens of photographs with the guest, adding to his vast collection,” the magazine explained.

One Saturday Night Live alum recalls a number of Friday nights, “trying to get in to see Lorne,” useless. The gaggle of his office supporters is:

… On the phone, making sure Steve Martin got the flowers on his birthday, even though he’s broken up with Victoria Tennant, and the funny note Lorne wrote to Steve Martin that to go with the flowers, which must be a bird-of-paradise!

Sarah Jessica Parker of films and the popular HBO show ‘Sex and the City’, says ‘Saturday Night Live’ creator Lorne Michaels paid no attention to it

However, none of the weekly guests from that time – Sarah Jessica Parker – experienced carpet handling from Michaels.

The Feis and the City star “she got a taste of the mind games when she was a SNL guest in November, ”the New York Magazine confirmed. “SNLThe work was hard enough, Parker says, but she also had to worry about why Michaels was avoiding her. ”

Parker spoke to New York Magazine about it SNL– interesting interview experience.

“I came into his office, and he would put his head down and ignore him,” Parker said. Eventually, the actor had to deal with the situation. However, it was still a bit offensive. As Parker explained to the publication:

I decided I wouldn’t take it personally that he wasn’t talking to me. If I had been in my normal self, I would have moved out a lot, because I would have thought, ‘I don’t like it at all. ‘

SNL creator Lorne Michaels
Lorne Michaels in 1997 | Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Another former writer appeared on the show – as well as Michaels’ “first wife” – Rosie Shuster also confirming the SNL the cold frozen feeling of the creator.

She told the magazine: “Talking to Lorne is like talking to tundra. ”

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