Sarah Jessica Parker Loved To Sniff Leather Shoes When She Would Go Shopping As a Kid

The internet has been in a state of crisis since it was announced that Feis and the City return to HBO. HBO Max recently confirmed that the show will get a 10-episode revival with the title And just like that…, According to Variety.

Everyone is excited to see where fashionista and writer Carrie Bradshaw has ended up in her 50s, but one thing is for sure: she will still have an unusual shoe collection.

Sarah Jessica Parker also loves designer shoes in the real world, which spans her entire life. In fact, she loves shoes so much that she used to sniff leather shoes when she was going to shop as a child.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Carrie Bradshaw love designer shoes

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker can be seen in New York City. | Photos by Jose Perez / Bauer-Griffin / GC

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While Parker has said several times that she and Carrie Bradshaw have very different personalities, they both love designer shoes. She explained the commonalities in a new interview with 2001 Oprah.

“That’s a very convenient transference of character and person,” Parker said. “I don’t have to dig it too deep to understand, this is her relationship to shoes. ”

She would sniff leather shoes when she was going to shop as a child

Parker’s love for designer shoes spans her entire life. When she was just a baby, she couldn’t wait to find a pair of leather boots when it was time to go shopping.

“From the time I was a bit – of course a toddler, I vividly remember going to shoe stores – we got two pairs of shoes a year – and just picking up the leather and just smelling it, and so on. that, growing on the drink with the smell of the new leather, ”Parker said. “Of course, I mean I have no other problems except – I mean, I really do…”

Sarah Jessica Parker has hundreds of pairs of designer shoes

Parker’s love of abusive shoes enters adult life. Now she has a huge amount of Manolo Blahnik shoes.

“I’m too embarrassed,” Parker said. “I mean, my name is Sarah Jessica, and I have over 100 pairs of Manolo Blahnik paintings.”

Oftentimes, Parker has to create clever reasons why she should have so many shoes, which makes her feel better.

“You can rationalize this investment in just, you know, in a number of ways, which has been very helpful to me,” Parker said.

At times she had to keep shoes from ‘Sex and the City’

One of the benefits is to work on it Feis and the City there was more than just good pay. Parker also had to keep a pile of shoes from the show that he could not take back.

“You’re just learning, you’re just learning,” Parker said. “And honestly there is so little that people ask of actors… I mean we are well cared for, well paid, we have an amazing life, for the most part, we work long hours. But lift … I’ll run in a pair of heels for someone if that’s what they want me to do. By and large, that means I get the shoes… ”

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