Sacha Baron Cohen Preserves His Privacy By Always Being In Character

Maintaining privacy is a difficult thing for most celebrities. Of course, without the strong support of their fans, many would not have had a fortune and a comfortable lifestyle in the first place.

At the same time, celebrities are people who deserve to live in peace without constantly attacking their private lives. Some celebrities protect their lives in person and get little insight into what goes on behind closed doors. Others continue into their status as a public figure and share the good and evil with their followers.

Sacha Baron Cohen, who has recently been back on the scene with a surprise release Borat Moviefilm after that, has a unique way of protecting its privacy.

Sacha Baron Cohen has a long history in comedy

Sacha Baron Cohen
Sacha Baron Cohen Pablo Cuadra / WireImage

Cohen is a legitimate movie star that includes acting credits Alice Through the Looking Glass (he played Time), Madagascar (raised a voice on Julien), and Les Miserables. His most famous role, however, has been as Borat Sagdiyev, a spoof character created by Cohen to make a political statement on the state of America.

This kind of satirical comedy has long been in Cohen’s wheelhouse. In fact, Borat’s character made his debut Da Ali G. Exhibition, A Cohen sketch comedy that introduced him taking on the character of several over-the-top characters.

The series ran for three seasons before being rolled out in 2004, but was released in 2006 of Borat he brought Cohen’s most popular character to the big screen. The stunts and pranks played by the Kazakhstan journalist played in the film have gone into disrepute, and Cohen has been famous for capturing high-profile politicians at times gotcha by convincing them to believe it is someone else.

Sacha Baron Cohen keeps his life private to himself

Cohen has certainly made many enemies over the years. The list of people he’s embarrassed through his pranks is ever-expanding and includes Sarah Palin, Congressman Joe Walsh, Rudy Giuliani, and Joe Arpaio.

Clearly, Cohen tends to target right-wing politicians and often uses his characters and quirks to point out hypocrisies in the actions and words of these public figures.

While Cohen has no problem revealing his targets during some of their weakest moments, he is virtually defending his own private life. When he married his wife Isla Fisher back in 2010, the guest list was so locked that only six people were able to attend.

Fisher spoke of their decision to keep things close: “It [was] very important to me that a beautiful ritual be celebrated by my family and friends. And when you’re in the public eye, it’s hard to keep that private and make it happen without being visible. ”

Sacha Baron Cohen uses the unique strategy to defend himself

Of course, Cohen can’t completely avoid being in the public eye. His whole career is based on being seen. He has devised a specific strategy to keep his private life safe from the media, however.

Mar Floss mind reports, Cohen is a mod actor who manages to avoid character breakup by going deep into the role. This tool also comes in very handy when it comes time to avoid public scrutiny.

“The focus of his characters has been to give Baron Cohen a very private shield against those who would go into real life,” writer Scott Beggs explains. Cohen often appears on the red carpet not as himself but as one of his characters. He has even given several interviews without ever breaking out of his rural careers.

In fact, Rolling Stone boasting that they have the same interview with the “real” Cohen, and in it, he opened up about wanting the best of both worlds. He said: “I’ve been trying to eat and eat my cake too – so that my characters are famous but still live a normal life where I’m not caught up in fame and recognition. ”

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