Ryan Gosling Might Be the Most Underpaid Actor in Hollywood

Hollywood pay checks don’t always make sense. Some actors kill movies that turn out to be flops, while others take home smaller amounts for movies that turn out to be sleepers. It may not be fair, but that shows industry.

However, the least paid actor may surprise fans, considering that he has led films to several award nominations and even some wins. Ryan Gosling, à La La Land reputation, in fact he is the rarest paid actor in Hollywood, based on data from CashNetUSA.

Ryan Gosling standing for a picture
Ryan Gosling attends the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival | Toni Anne Barson / FilmMagic

Ryan Gosling makes an average of $ 2 million per film

Despite being one of the biggest names in Hollywood, Gosling makes an average of $ 2 million per film. Compare that to Adam Sandler, one of the most paid actors in Hollywood according to the same study. Sandler makes about $ 20 million per film, with much lower ranking results.

The study looked at the ratio of profit to dollars spent on movies. The ROI is an indication of how well the film did, and therefore how much money the studio actor made.

All actors in Gosling’s study had one of the highest rates of return, despite his low average salary. For every dollar a studio spends on Gosling movies, they make an average of $ 636 in return.

Sandler, on the other hand, gets a paycheck that’s 10 times higher than Gosling. But his return is more than 60 times lower. For every dollar a studio spends on Sandler movies, they get an average return of around $ 10.

Some stars are fairly compensated

There are more factors that go into salary that the study doesn’t take into account. The study only looked at reported salaries, which may not include money earned from backpoints.

Gosling could just set up his contracts differently from other actors, and want more profit separation from producers. Back end points mean that part of a film’s earnings is divided by stars, based on how many points they negotiate.

Gosling’s films are doing well, so it would be better for him to negotiate a lower salary for a larger share of the profits. That way it could earn you more per film than other actors who get big pay in advance.

Gosling doesn’t seem to be doing too badly, so it seems that his low average salary isn’t the whole story of Hollywood compensation. It has an estimated net worth of approximately $ 60 million.

That may not feel too bad for the average person, but Sandler has a net worth of around $ 420 million. Of course, Sandler also writes, makes, and appears in his films.

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