‘Rock of Love With Bret Michaels’: Here’s What the Women Did When They Weren’t Filming

Ever wonder what TV stars do when they’re not filming? Rock of Love By Bret Michaels Star Lacey Sculls (née Conner) spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet via Zoom about her time on the VH1 reality series and what was going on behind the scenes when the cameras weren’t going.

Session 1 'Rock of Love'
Session 1 ‘Rock of Love’ VH1

In 2007, Bret Michaels was looking for love

In the early 2000s, VH1 was a huge success with shows such as The Surreal Life, Strange love, and Taste of love. The network wanted to continue hosting fans, so they joined Rock of Love By Bret Michaels in 2007.

The basis of the show was similar Taste of love. Rockstar Michaels lived in a big house with 20-part women, each looking for an appraisal. Through a series of challenges, one-on-one, and group dates, Michaels sent a different woman home each week to find his last daughter.

VH1 fans loved these shows, but many were asking – what were the women getting up to when the cameras weren’t filming the interaction with Michaels?

The women were always drinking behind the scenes of ‘Rock of Love With Bret Michaels’

Probably sculls the The Rock of Love Villain Season 1, but she celebrates her time on the reality series with her co-stars on the podcast Conversation about love.

In our conversation, Sculls said that she and the other women would do this when the cameras were not on: Alcoholic beverages, indeed. ”

Drinking was one of the only things to do at a time down on ‘Rock of Love’

Contrary to popular belief, filming a reality show involves a lot of free time.

“When we weren’t doing challenges or when we weren’t on a date with Bret, there was so much time,” said Sculls. Unfortunately, the type of activity in which the women could participate was very limited.

“I remember bringing a handful of magazines and books and the producer was like, ‘I can’t. You can’t have that because they don’t want to make a movie for you reading a magazine or reading a book. ‘”These activities are not just inspiring.

As Sculls explained, producers didn’t want the The Rock of Love women doing anything that could separate them from the other women. That included making personal phone calls, reading books or magazines, and hanging out in their bedroom all day.

“[The producers] wants you to get involved, ”explained Sculls. “They will take it away [books, magazines, etc.] so you have to engage with other people in the house. ”

Session 1 'Rock of Love With Bret Michaels'
Season 1 ‘Rock of Love With Bret Michaels’ | VH1

As well as drinking, these are the only things ‘Rock of Love’ women can do in the big house.

Sculls said other activities in which the women could participate included swimming in the pool, doing the nails, or putting out.

“I’m not too much of an unusual girl,” Sculls laughed. “You can tell with my fair, clear skin. “Hanging out and chatting kit was another popular activity among women – which, most of the time, involved a little alcohol.

As one of the last three women in the house, Sculls said she spent about a month filming the entire series. While that doesn’t look like too much time, Sculls admitted that it felt like an eternity, especially with the limitations on what they could and couldn’t do with their downtime.

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