‘Rock of Love With Bret Michaels’: Heather Chadwell Wasn’t Supposed To Be in the Finale — This Woman Was

Rock of Love By Bret Michaels Contestant Brandi Mahon – aka Brandi M. – spoke to her co-star Lacey Sculls on the Conversation about love podcast. The duo opened up about their time on the VH1 reality series, and Mahon revealed a terrifying mystery. Heather Chadwell should not have done that on the The Rock of Love End of season 1. Find out who should be in the final in Chadwell’s place.

Session 1 'Rock of Love'
Session 1 ‘Rock of Love’ VH1

Brandi M. should be in the ‘Rock of Love’ final

While filming a program of the show in Las Vegas, Mahon began to experience nostalgia.

“Being from Vegas made me realize what I lost at home,” Mahon explained to Sculls. “I was ready to be ready [Rock of Love]. ”

Mahon said Sculls and Chadwell had a lot to do with her desire to leave.

“You and Heather had the upper hand over everything – I let it go,” Mahon admitted to Sculls. “I didn’t want to fight with you anymore. I was just done. When I found out my heart wasn’t going to be real with him or his heart wasn’t going to be real with me, I realized ‘What am I doing,’ and I killed myself . ”

Brandi M. upset ‘Rock of Love’ producers

Instead of sticking around to see how The Rock of Love played out, Mahon committed suicide.

“[When] I took myself off the market, the producers went in, ”continued Mahon. “They were like, ‘You should have done it to the end. You have no right to do this. ‘And I said,’ Well, I’m going to. I can’t make a movie anymore. ‘”

The show was prepared to feature a Mahon backstage pass instead of the competing production that wanted to go home.

Brandi Mahon should have replaced Heather Chadwell

After a bit of disbelief, Mahon revealed how Chadwell should have been eliminated during the Las Vegas program.

“Can I tell you what the delegates told me? ”She asked Sculls. “It was Heather [pass]. Heather should go. I should have stayed. You and I should have gone to Mexico together. I had a passport and everything. ”

Like many The Rock of Love fans, surprised Sculls learned the news. The delegates were not happy with Mahon, because they had put out the final round, and she had changed the whole plan.

“[The producers] they were like, ‘Brandi, you just wanted to showcase our show,’ and I said, ‘I’m really sorry, but I went home.’ ”

Ironically, Mahon’s mother had already gone out for the upcoming program, where Michaels would meet the last three parents. Unfortunately, Mahon’s mother never got a chance to meet Poison’s opponent.

Heather Chadwell came second on ‘Rock of Love’

Chadwell was one of Michaels’ last two women on the show. She traveled, along with Jes Rickleff, to Cabo San Lucas for the last 1 season. To the surprise of fans and Chadwell herself, Michaels chose Jes as “the rock of love. ”

Sadly, the two did not work out. At the special time of the reunion, Rickleff told Michaels that he should choose Chadwell.

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