‘Rock of Love With Bret Michaels’: Bodyguard ‘Big John’ Murray Dated a Woman From the Show

Rock of Love By Bret Michaels “Big John” fans know Murray as the bodyguard with a tough exterior. Murray was responsible for keeping Michaels safe while touring and later, filming The Rock of Love. Ironically, the Poison defender ended up dating one of the women who went after Michaels on the reality series.

'Big John' Murray and Bret Michaels
‘Big John’ Murray and Bret Michaels VH1

In 2007, Bret Michaels was looking for love

Introduced VH1 Rock of Love By Bret Michaels after the success of exhibitions such as Strange love and Taste of love. Like Am Bachelor, Michaels lived in a big house with 20-some women who were all waiting for his respect.

Each week, the women completed various challenges to win group or one-on-one dates with the Poison opponent. In the end, Michaels could only pick one.

Bret Michaels claimed that ‘Big John’ would be part of ‘Rock of Love’

When Michaels was in early talks with VH1 about making the show, he asked his guard, Murray, to be part of the experience.

Season 2 'Rock of Love With Bret Michaels'
Cast Quarter ‘Rock of Love With Bret Michaels’ 2 VH1

“As Bret continued his conversations and conversations, he said, ‘Keep going – stop,'” Murray recalled in an interview with the Conversation about love podcast. “Before I go any further, I’m not doing the show without Iain,” Murray recalled Michaels. It became a major staple in all seasons of the show.

‘Rock of Love With Bret Michaels’ had three seasons

Season 1 ended with Michaels choosing Jes Rickleff as “the rock of love.” But before the special reunion came around, things had gotten bitter in the relationship.

During the reunion, Rickleff explained how she thought Michaels made the wrong choice. She also admitted that he and Heather Chadwell were the best match. Already heartbroken, Chadwell wanted nothing to do with Michaels.

Since things didn’t work out for the Rock in season 1, it went on The Rock of Love Quarter 2 and Creag a ‘Ghraidh: Tour Bus. A new group of women was involved each season.

It was in season 2 that “Big John” found the woman he was like.

‘Big John’ dated Korie Hutchinson from Season 2 ‘Rock of Love’

In an interview with season 1 contestant Lacey Sculls (née Conner), Murray spoke to the rumors that he had given someone a date from the show.

“Oh God,” Murray began when Sculls described his friendship. “Yes, I did [date someone from Rock of Love]. ”

“I had a relationship with Korie Hutchinson,” he continued. “I think her name is Hutchinson… I won’t talk to her anymore. She was on season 2. She was the one if you remember, they were doing a little talent show behind the glass, and she kept up the sign that said ‘Merry Me,’ as ‘Merry Christmas.’ ”

The ‘Big John’ Murray and Korie Hutchinson friendship did not last

Unfortunately for Murray, his relationship with the The Rock of Love the star was not good.

“It was bad all the way,” Murray told Sculls. “He was just drinking and drinking and drinking, and it never ended. It just got better [end it]. ”

As ending the relationship was not painful enough, Murray said Hutchinson took matters a step further when they broke up. “She got my dog,” he said.

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