Robin Wright Could Have Played an Iconic ‘Jurassic Park’ Character

Steven Spielberg is one of the most iconic and legendary film directors of all time. Audiences and viewers must fall in love with Spielberg’s talents and skills over the past few decades. The purple color, Saving Ryan private, and ET: The Outside they are just a few of the director’s examples.

Spielberg ‘s success includes Jurassic Park. The film premiered in 1993 and received much acclaim and awards, but the finished production was not the only thing people liked. Until you create Jurassic Park Spielberg had to think outside the box.

From the incredibly cool sets to the incredibly talented members, Spielberg and his team had a lot to consider. Some people may be surprised to learn that the famous actress Robin Wright has almost starred in the famous film.

Robin Wright’s journey to fame

Robin Wright
Robin Wright | Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

Wright, a native of Texas, was born in 1966. Her father, an agency in the field of medicine, and her mother, director Mary Kay, raised Wright in San Diego, California. When Wright was a teenager she started making models. As a result of Wright’s early career, she worked in places like Japan and Paris.

After graduating from Wright high school she decided to shift her focus to acting. In 1984 the young star was cast as Kelly Capwell Santa Barbara. His role in the sitcom was the first of many.

A look back at some of Robin Wright’s most iconic roles

While Wright worked on the set of Santa Barbara, she started dating her co-star Dane Witherspoon. The last two married and had a child together. Although the marriage lasted only about two years, Wright’s acting course was a success.

The actress appeared inside Princess Wife in 1987 and, just a few years later, she joined Sarah Denial. Around the same time Wright was thrown in as Tara Maguire The Playboys which would be one of the most memorable roles in the star. In 1994 Wright appeared as the complex and strong Jenny Curran in the great classic Gump Forrest.

Wright was clearly a knot for acting, and, fortunately for her, many of the most famous characters and roles were yet to come.

In 2011 Wright blew away audiences everywhere with her performance of Erika Berger in. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The actress also received a lot of positive attention for Lieutenant Joshi’s role there Runner Blade 2049. Lately, the world couldn’t get enough of Wright as Claire Underwood on Netflix House of Cards.

Just in 2020 the actress took over the screen as Antiope Wonder Woman 1984. There seems to be nothing Wright can or does not be willing to do, but, surprisingly enough, there was one legendary role that the actress decided to give up.

Robin Wright may have played a iconic character from ‘Jurassic Park’

When Wright first entered the acting scene it was obvious that she was an actress that everyone wanted, but it was equally obvious that she wasn’t too bothered. Wright had no problem turning down roles and characters that she didn’t feel were appropriate for her. She has also stated that some of her decisions were personal.

For example, Wright’s pregnancy was the reason she decided not to participate Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves. However, there is one duty that many people have a hard time believing Wright walked away with.

When it came to throwing for Jurassic Park, Wright was offered a position Ellie Sattler, but the star politely faded the offer. In the end, Laura Dern was cast as Ellie, and surprisingly, Wright doesn’t seem to regret the method.

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