Robert Pattinson Learned How to Drive For His ‘Twilight’ Role

Remember the Evening craze? Every teenage girl in the world has been happy with vampires for a few years, largely thanks to actor Robert Pattinson’s careless portrayal of the handsome vampire Edward in the Evening series of films.

Pattinson was perfect for the role in many ways, but it turns out there was one thing he didn’t have much to play for: the ability to drive a car (so basic to Edward ‘s character!) .

Pattinson was so enthusiastic about playing the part that he got his driver’s license just for the movie!

Who is Robert Pattinson?

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson Francois Durand for Dior / Getty images

There was an impressive romance in the world with the heart of Robert Pattinson in the late 2000s, when the Evening a series of films have been released. Before swallowing Edward’s vampire star starring in the mega-popular franchise, Pattinson’s only special role was as another heart in another popular YA book / film series, Harry Potter.

He played Cedric Diggory in the fourth installment of that franchise, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Harry Potter fans fell in love with him as Cedric, but the world has not yet been formally introduced to the superstar Pattinson.

When the first Evening film released in 2008, everything changed for Pattinson. He was cast as Edward, the beautiful vampire high school and love interest of the main character, Bella (played by Kristen Stewart).

Since he reached a very high level as a result of his role on the films, he has been cast in several other films, and is even set to play the new Batman in the newly released film. in 2021. It is estimated to be worth about $ 100 million, most of which was earned for his career playing Edward.

Edward is known to be driving a nice car in ‘Twilight’ – but Pattinson was not allowed

Edward, to make a long story short, is a hundred – year – old vampire, who founded the Olympic cairn, and Bella ‘s ultimate husband. He has only been a vampire since 1918, when he almost died of the Spanish flu and was turned into a vampire to escape death.

Representatives from Evening they ran into a bit of trouble when they realized that the elegant actor they would cast as their star vampire – who was otherwise perfect for the part – was not familiar with driving, according to BuzzFeed.

This was a big problem because one of the most obvious features of the vampire Edward is that he drives a really nice car around town: Volvo XC60, to be precise. Obviously, Pattinson needed to be able to drive the Volvo to play Edward for sure.

Pattinson got his driver’s license in Oregon, where ‘Twilight’ was filmed

The only solution to the problem was for Pattinson to learn how to drive, and he did. according to Oregon Live, Pattinson appeared on The Show Tonight with Jay Leno (Remember Jay Leno?) that he took some emergency driving lessons when they realized the problem, and passed his driver’s license test in Oregon, where the team was filming the first one Evening film. He did a good thing: how else would he be able to drive the Batmobile?

Obtaining his driver’s license was not the only thing Pattinson did to prepare for his career as Edward, however. He is said to have been shocked to hear of the part, as Edward is written to be so beautiful.

But then he worked out the trick: to focus on the love story between Bella and Edward, rather than the appearance of Edward.

“[Bella] he sees no fault in it [Edward] At all. It is a very traditional part of first or young love. So it gave me age to think about it, but it turned out to be very simple: if you are in love with someone, you will not see any fault in the other person. So I finally found out that I didn’t have to play the most beautiful man on the planet, but just a man to play in love, ”he shares.

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