Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s Chemistry Was ‘Kind of Scary’ Says ‘Twilight’ Director

While many actors heard for Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in Evening, it was Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson who were eventually thrown into the ranks. The pair would go on to become household names and earn millions of dollars thanks to it Evening and the following lines: New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, thed Breaking Dawn – Part 2 and secure their place in one of the most successful teenage film franchises ever.

Members of Twilight, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Photos by Franco S. Origlia / Getty

But there are many fans of Evening they were not simply invested in the positions in which Stuart and Pattinson were appointed. They were also enthralled by the actors themselves. When profiteering began that the actors had fallen in love just like their characters, interest reached a range of fevers. The pair dated for several years and their chemistry was tested on and off the screen. In fact, even Catherine Hardwicke, directed Evening, admitted that the two shared some intense chemistry from the first time they met.

Why Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke introduced Belisten Stewart to Bella

Hardwicke was present the first time Pattinson and Stewart met. Stewart was already thrown in Bella’s role and was able to see Pattison’s lab directly and give feedback to the Evening director. But what made Hardwicke so sure that Stuart was the right man to play Bella? In an interview with Collider, the director revealed that she had seen some of the actress’ previous work and was enthralled by the emotional intensity she could bring to her performances.

“Well, when I saw Kristen, I fell in love with her Into the desert, ”An Evening shared leader. “Just that image of her sitting on that bed, in the trailer and that year. So it was obvious and her feelings were so strong she could express that. I thought that was great. So I was largely sold on Kristen even before I went to Pittsburgh and spent a day working with her. I felt like she was really good. ”

Stewart and Pattinson immediately had a very intense chemistry

Once Hardwicke had decided to throw Stuart into Bella’s position, she had to find Edward. Getting to know that Evening a very intense love story, she knew she had to find an actor who had a natural chemistry with Stuart. The chemistry between the two had to be intense enough for viewers to believe that the characters would be willing to risk everything to each other. And, when Hardwicke saw exactly the intensity between Pattinson and Stuart, she knew she had found her main man.

“And then he discovers chemistry and then he works with her,” Hardwicke said of her priorities in throwing the perfect Edward. “And when Rob and Kristen work together, you know, you could feel it in the room. It was kind of scary. Cool type You know? ”There certainly seemed to be a certain intensity between Pattinson and Stuart entering Evening. It is not known if it was chemistry or something deeper but, by all means, we cannot paint a picture of anyone else playing their roles.

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