Rob Lowe Claimed ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert’s Mother Thought He Was After Her Fame

Melissa Gilbert shared her memory Prairie story that she fell in love with Rob Lowe “immediately,” but Lowe did not win her mother as much, according to him. Lowe wrote in his autobiography that Gilbert’s mother thought he was after his reputation.

Rob Lowe and Melissa Gilbert will attend an event in October 1987 in Los Angeles, California
Rob Lowe and Melissa Gilbert Vinnie Zuffante / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Melissa Gilbert said she immediately fell in love with Rob Lowe

Gilbert had first met Lowe when she was 14 or 15 but they reunited years later. She told Access Hollywood, “I was driving home from work, and he pulled up at a stop. ”

“I had the prairie clothes on… my hair was a lot of fun from being in the bottom of that day,” she recalled. “He pulled up and we started talking and exchanging numbers. Eventually we took… ”

In her memoir, she shared how she fell for the actor. “I fell instantly, hopelessly and firmly in love,” she wrote (via Today). “We went from the first date to a couple immediately. I felt like I was hungry for Rob. ”

Rob Lowe said Gilbert’s mother was worried about him

In his book Stories that I will only tell to my friends, Lowe gave much less of his stories to his relationship with Gilbert as she shared the memories. He gave a few glimpses of how her mother would not allow her to visit him while he was filming The strangers.

“I’ve been dating Melissa Gilbert back in LA, but her mum thinks I’m after her for her reputation and that she won’t let me visit,” he said in his book on work on the film in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

With Gilbert not pictured, he shared how he started “a tradition of respectful entertainment on the road,” noting, “sometimes you run girls, sometimes they run at you, sometimes it’s just for flirt, and sometimes it’s more than that. ”

Although Lowe noted that the filming of the film was a “good situation,” he admitted that he was worried. “My situation is a bit complicated with my long-term relationship with my girlfriend and there are times when I feel bad about it,” he wrote.

Lowe shared how he could turn the volume down on that fact by drinking. “Nothing eliminates the inner voice you want to ignore better than one or two,” he explained.

Lowe and Gilbert broke down

Gilbert and Lowe became a little upset when she found out she was pregnant with her baby, they broke up. She later had a miscarriage. She admitted it was a great loss in her life.

“It was really, really bad,” she explained in a 2009 interview Today. “It was a very dark and difficult time for me … Now that I have children who are old – my oldest boys are 28 and 23, the age he was when we were together – I understand it. But at the time it was horrible. ”

“We broke up. He ran his course. I think we were just too young, ”Gilbert said of the relationship ending.

In her book she wrote, “I had lost my baby and my relationship with Rob… and it hurt like hell. ”

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