Rita Ora’s Wellness Secret Is a Daily Supplement

Celebrities always hold the best secrets of well-being and beauty, and it’s great when they finally share what results they can’t live without.

It’s even better when those results are accessible to their fans! British singer-songwriter Rita Ora recently donated her favorite results to the New York Magazine column The Strategist. One such thing about vitamin C Ora is that it is extremely strict about taking.

Who is Rita Ora?

Rita Ora
Rita Ora | MTV through Getty Images

One amazing result is that Rita Ora cannot survive without the West Indian Encona Hot Pepper Sauce, which can be purchased on Etsy. Ora loves hot sauce and said she has tried a lot, and this is her favorite. Ora likes it not to be too thick and goes with everything.

Ora also showed the Strategy that she loves plants and candles throughout her house. She said her friends make fun of her because her home is like a greenhouse that she could catch on fire with all her candles.

The only Ora that recommends Diptyque Ambre Scented Candles is. She likes the sweet, smoky, but sweet smell.

As for beauty products, Ora said, growing up, she was always looking for beauty products at an affordable price. She feels the Glossier Balm Dotcom meet these requirements.

Ora loves it for the many flavors and colors it comes in and finds it refreshing! She is also fond of Pure Hydrating Body Lotion Fiji. Ora enjoys the sweet smell of coconut and this lotion is easy to apply; it is not too thick. Once she recommends it to someone, they later tell her that this lotion has changed their life. Can be easily purchased Amazon and comes in a variety of fragrances and beautiful bottles.

For shampoo, Ora turns to Aesop’s nourishing shampoo to help handle any damage that a style causes. She feels that this shampoo nourishes her hair and makes it feel dripping.

Ora also listed a pair of shoes from her collaboration with ShoeDazzle as her favorite pair, the Bootie Heel High Block Heel.

She said she prefers thick heels as it is easier to walk and play inside. Ora really enjoyed this collaboration as she got the chance to play with different silhouettes and finger out sports-related shoes.

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