Reginae Carter Opens up About On-and-Off Boyfriend YFN Lucci’s Arrest in Connection With Murder

Rapper YFN Lucci is facing some serious charges related to the fatal shooting of Atlanta. On social media, his on-and-off girlfriend, Reginae Carter, who is the daughter of Toya Johnson and Lil Wayne, has posted an update about it.

ATLANTA, GA – AUGUST 22: Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci will attend Back to School Field Day at Grant Park Recreation Center on August 22, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams / WireImage)

Relationship of Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci

The two were romantically linked for a year or two. Their relationship received a lot of attention because Carter is the daughter of Lil Wayne, as well as the fact that there was a huge age gap between them. Fans were concerned that YFN Lucci also had children before they entered into a relationship with Carter.

They were reported to have broken up in August 2019, but rumors continued that they were on and off. Carter emphasized in her series, TI and Tiny: The Hustle Friends and Family, that they were made.

“Hearing my father tell me that Lucci is probably in love with you, but he’s not in love with you because of what he did and the things he does,” she said on display. “My dad told me that sometimes people don’t know they love themselves, they can’t love other people, and you can’t blame them for that. Sometimes people don’t know how to make love. Lil Wayne! He composed the song! ‘As you love.’ ”

However, especially in the later months of 2020, it looked like Carter and YFN Lucci were staying in touch and could be together. They were said to be officially back together in December 2020.

YFN Lucci was arrested in connection with a murder

News emerged last week that YFN Lucci had recently been sought on a murder-related charge. What went down was later revealed, according to police.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution YFN Lucci was reported to be “behind the wheel of a car used in a gang-related shooting that left one of its passengers dead.” The shooting happened last month in southwestern Atlanta. YFN Lucci turned himself in one day after police announced they were looking for him. Before turning himself in, he posted his new music video on his social media pages

The arrest warrant states that the rapper and “three other members of a street gang fled to an area where there was a rival gang before two men in the car opened their rifles in assault style. One of the men was hit in the head without a gunfire and died.

Despite the allegations, YFN Lucci’s lawyer, Drew Findling, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Our review of the original evidence provided to us shows that there is no basis for any criminal allegations. no against Rayshawn Bennett. We will continue our independent review on his behalf. ”

The rapper has four charges, including “murder, aggravated assault, involvement in criminal street gang activity and possession of a fire extinguisher when cheating was commissioned. ”

Reginae Carter posts on social media about what’s going on

On her Instagram story, Carter gave an update on what’s going on with YFN Lucci.

As reported by Brand Jasmine, she wrote, “Hey Guys! Ray wants you to know that he is in good spirits and doing well. Thanks for the prayers and best wishes … He will be home soon. ”

Even though their relationship status is largely unclear, one thing is for sure – Carter is holding his back at this point.

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