Regina King Is Producing a New Supernatural TV Series for The CW: What Is the Show ‘Slay’ About?

Regina King is a multi-hyphenate talent in Hollywood. Star of the Emmy-studded HBO series Watchers she recently directed her first film, One night in Miami. But she ‘s also a producer – and she’s developing a new TV show called The CW Slay.

‘Watchmen’ star Regina King makes new TV series for the CW called ‘Slay’

Regina King at the Oscars
Regina King at the 91st Annual Academy Awards 2019 | Photos Kevork Djansezian / Getty

How did King’s new CW series come about? Per Deadline, Slay written by Julian Johnson, “by the first CSI: NY Pam Veasey watching. ”

King is also working with his sister, Reina King, to bring the project to fruition with Veasy. The King sisters have a production company called Royal Ties Prods, which will work with CBS Studios to produce it. Slay.

Le Slay, The CW gets a good chance at the success of its next paranormal TV series (including the show Supernatural, which feels like it’s in its 800th season.)

Slay tells the story of a protagonist named Carson Jones, whom Timeline describes as “a bold, witty teenager with afro puffers, leather boots [and] The 70s are cool. However, the main hook of the exhibition will be the “supernatural gifts” Carson – a blessing she inherited from her mother’s “old African bloodline”. With her power comes, of course, a great responsibility: The work of Why is Supernatural is the plot to protect the Historic Triangle of Virginia (one of the most beautiful areas in the country) from the forces of darkness. ”

This is not the first time King and Veasey have worked together. Date reports:

Two years ago, King made his pilot debut with the ABC drama pilot The Finest, about five African-American sisters, all officers in the NYPD, written by Veasey. The two teams also performed an action together.

King directs movies these days too – and Oscar – generated

With a long career in acting under her belt, King is expanding her creative skills these days. As well as productivity Slay, Watchmen alum enjoyed her debut album, the film One night in Miami, in 2020.

Mar Glamor celebrated recently, the film made its debut at the Venice Film Festival “in early September. ”With the beginning of the film, King made history. She was “the first Black female director in the 87-year history of the Venice Film Festival to have her work showcased as part of the program.” The review is good One night in Miami already under construction Oscar mainstay.

But King’s recent career moves are no surprise to his friends.

Holly Robinson Peete, King ‘s close contemporaries, told Glamor that the Oscar – winning actress reminds her of another major movie star.

“Everyone feels like she has a piece of it, right? ”Robinson Peete Division. “They feel like they know her, she’s everyone’s friend. … I think of her as, like, Tom Tomks’ wife. ”

Hanks and King’s reputation is ahead, Robinson Peete believes.

“You know, there’s nobody who doesn’t like Tom Hanks,” she told Glamor.

Actors Regina King and Holly Robinson Peete
Holly Robinson Peete and Regina King will attend the first Mending Hearts Style Day Sunday in 2013 | Stefanie Keenan / Getty images for kids heart-repairing

Whatever King does in the industry, she has a strong support group. As Robinson Peete put it, “Regina is that person in this industry where everyone is always rooted for her.”

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