Rappers Who Died in 2020

2020 was a year marked by losses, especially in the rap community. Over the year, several rap artists lost their lives – some dying with overdoses and killing and others even losing battles with the coronavirus (COVID-19). Below, find out some of the rappers who died in 2020 and what their careers were like before they died.

Smoc pop
Smoke pop at an event Pascal Images By Segretain / Getty

1. Lexii Alijai

Coming from St. Paul, Minnesota, Lexii Alijai was a rapper who may be famous for his appearance on Kehlani’s 2015 song “Jealous.” She was still pursuing her career when she was found dead in January of too much drug addiction. She was 21.

2. Smoc pop

After making a name for himself with “Welcome to the Party,” Pop Smoke, 20, was recognized as one of the fastest rappers to drill when he was fatally killed in a home attack in February.

Police arrested five suspects in July for involvement in the crime, which appears to have occurred after a New York native shared the Los Angeles home address in which he was involved. stay on social media (via Related Media).

11. Bris

Sacramento rapper Bris was murdered in June in his hometown. About three months later, Sacramento bees A suspect was arrested in the murder of a 24-year-old man, who has a song on YouTube called “Panhandling” by more than five million people.

12. Duck FBG

Popular rapper from Chicago, FBG Duck died in August after being killed after a shopping spree in his hometown. He was 26.

13. Mo3

Like Lil Marlo, Mo3 was killed in a highway ambush. TMZ reported in November that the 28-year-old Texas rapper had been trying to chase someone, but he fell and was shot to the ground while trying to run for him. In December, a suspect was arrested in connection with the death of Mo3, best known for his song “Broken Love,” among others.

14. King Von

King Von was widely known for his friendship with Chicago co-rapper Lil Durk, but he was a star in his own right.

Songs like “Crazy Story” and “Took Her to the O” helped him gain fame and respect as a rapper, but unfortunately he was shot and killed in November after joining your scuffle outside the Atlanta center with rapper members Posse Quando Rondo. He was 26.

15. Ecstasy

Ecstasy, a member of the legendary hip-hop group Whodini, he died in December of unknown causes at age 56.

They all leave families, fans, and music that will always honor their fans.

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