Priscilla Presley Once Opened Up About Elvis’ Constant Cheating: ‘I Don’t Think He Could Ever Be Faithful to 1 Woman’

Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s marriage may have lasted only six years, but their relationship went far beyond that time. The two were one of the most notable celebrity couples, and Elvis never married when he and Priscilla parted ways.

While Priscilla may have been living a dream life on the outside, things were not going well for her behind the scenes. Elvis’ infidelity got the best of her, and she finally decided to file for divorce.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley
Elvis and Priscilla Presley Bettmann / Fios

Priscilla was only 14 when she and Elvis met

Elvis and Priscilla were both living in Germany when they first crossed paths at a party. Priscilla’s father was in the army, as was Elvis, and she and Elvis began spending time together. Eventually, she moved back to the United States, and although her parents thought things would end, she continued to write her letters for two years.

Priscilla later moved in with Elvis, and although she was 10 years younger, he said he liked that he could “train” him to be what he wanted. He refused to maintain the relationship before they married, and eventually, when Priscilla was 21, the two were married. But still, the Elvis rock star ‘s fame greatly affected the couple’ s relationship, as he was often out performing while Priscilla waited for him at home.

Priscilla and Elvis Presley
Priscilla and Elvis Presley Bettmann / Fios

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Priscilla once spoke out about why she had to split Elvis

Elvis and Priscilla welcomed one girl together, and although they became close as a couple, their infidelity began to get the best of Priscilla. Moreover, Elvis reportedly did not want to have sex with Priscilla once she was born.

Priscilla grew tired of Elvis’ control over her life. He never wanted to see her without a maker, and he never allowed her to do anything outside of his small social circle. Moreover, the persistent deceiver was getting tired, and finally, she could not take it.

“He wasn’t loyal,” she said in an interview with Sunday News in 2018. “I tried to turn my back on that, but I just didn’t want to share it… More than he wanted to married and having a family, I don’t know if it was ever cut for being married. Because I don’t think he could ever be loyal to one woman. ”

Priscilla was devastated when she found out that Elvis had died

Despite the two going through a divorce, they were always close. “We have never lost our friendship and care for each other,” Priscilla said. “He called me at night.” Priscilla said she appreciated those phone calls because it meant Elvis still trusted her and the two could still have a friendly relationship.

Elvis went on to ginger Alden, and eventually proposed, although he died before the two ever married. And everyone knew that Priscilla was the only woman he liked so much. Priscilla was devastated when she heard the news.

“It can’t be, it can’t be – this is a joke,” Priscilla recalled in her response to Elvis’ death. However, it was true, and Priscilla eventually got the idea to open up the Elvis estate to the public. Today, thousands of people come to Graceland each year to visit and pay homage to the King of Rock and Roll.

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