Priscilla Presley Once Claimed Elvis Presley Told Her He Wanted A Woman Who Understood That ‘Things Like This Might Just Happen’ After His Affair With Ann-Margret

Priscilla Beaulieu and Elvis Presley went into a year-long romance, culminating in a marriage from 1967-1973, after meeting when Priscilla was only 14 years old.

Prior to becoming Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ youngest daughter moved into his Memphis estate, Graceland, during her high school years. After waiting for Elvis for years, Priscilla hoped that her dream of marrying King of Rock and Roll would soon come true soon.

But it wasn’t immediately bells of marriage and romance. In fact, Elvis and Priscilla went through several trials before tying the knot. After learning that Elvis had an affair with his co-star, Ann-Margret, while filming Viva Las Vegas (1964), the couple almost broke up.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley
Elvis and Priscilla Presley Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Elvis was angry to see news of his relationship with Ann-Margret in the media

Ann-Margret and Elvis develop a connection immediately after they meet on the set of Viva Las Vegas. The pair went off for about a year.

As it turned out, Priscilla had been skeptical of this ability from the beginning. But Elvis reassured her that “Ann-Margret was a prime woman. “And he wasn’t very interested in leading women.

“They’re on their way to life and their husband comes second,” Priscilla recalled telling Elvis, as she wrote the memoir in 1985, Elvis and Me. “I don’t want to be second to none or anyone.”

But after filming to wrap up the film, Elvis took Priscilla to Los Angeles with him – and Priscilla’s worst fears were confirmed. By then, the media was in dire straits about Ann-Margret’s red relationship with Elvis.

Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley
Ann – Margret and Elvis Presley Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Getty Images

She said Elvis promised that his relationship with his co-star was ‘over’

When Elvis returned to Graceland, Priscilla’s first reunion felt a sense of coercion. But as soon as he was alone with his sweetheart, he promised her, “It ‘s over, Cilla. I swear by you. It’s over. “

According to Priscilla, Elvis told her he was just “caught in a situation that was out of hand from the start” when he came to Ann-Margret. He felt “treacherous” and swore the co-star wasn’t just for him.

While Elvis and Priscilla reconciled – especially after she found a telegram to Elvis from Ann-Margret that seemed to confirm the breakup – she admitted that she was much warmer after her debate. She had discovered that loving the King of Rock and Roll could be a lot more complicated than she once believed.

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