‘Pretty Little Liars’: Lucy Hale Actually Had a Crush on 1 of the Show’s Characters

It’s hard to believe the series is so popular pretty little Liars it was first seen ten years ago. The series is based on a series of books written by Sara Shepard. The television show aired on Freeform was based on a close-knit group of high school friends and their fascinating mysteries. The stories and characters reveal the complex dynamics and mysteries that have taken place in the fictional city of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. Take a look back at a love team pretty little Liars and what they have shared over time.

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Lucy Hale | Photos by John Lamparski / Getty

A look back at the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ team

The popular and talented team was a big reason why the show was so good. Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse, and Troian Bellisario were just a few of the names and faces that embraced the series. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, “I heard about the books and felt that the show would be something special. I will never forget the first time Marlene and I sat down to have coffee and talk about the project. I was immediately drawn to him. ”

Many members tried to throw out first for the part of Spencer Hastings that was eventually given to Bellisario, and ironically enough, the actor never thought that she was the one to be appointed. Shortly after the launch of the show Bellisario explained, I was pretty sure I wasn’t right for Spencer. In my heart, I felt compelled, but in the book, she was a blonde, green – eyed, American girl next door. There was no way they would throw them. ”At the time of filming, Bellisario was 24 years old but, on the other hand, Pieterse was only 12 years old. The two actors took on the role of teenagers, and, surprisingly, the age difference never seemed to matter. That doesn’t seem to be the only hidden information behind the production of the award-winning series.

The details of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ are very detailed

So many fans and viewers started following the emotional series, and there were many things that would not always be so obvious to the show’s loyal fans. For example, Alison’s last name, DiLaurentis, was an anagram, which featured “unified liars” and Ashley Benson was the one who suggested the famous theme song for the series. When you look at where the show was set up, that fictional city was Rosewood, Pennsylvania. pretty little Liars it happened, however, it is actually based on a very real city called Rosemont located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. There is a lot of thoughtful detail that can go unnoticed in a series like this one.

Which character on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ was badly influenced by Lucy Hale?

Several seasons to film Hale got honest when she spoke in an interview. The star revealed that if she had to choose a character from the series so far, she would choose Toby, according to Deuga Vogue. Keegan Allen was the cast actor as Toby. Hale went on to explain, “His whole secret is going on, and it’s quiet but still very sexy. That’s the kind I would have. “It is safe for many to agree. However, as fans and viewers already know, Spencer was the inner character pretty little Liars with the strong story based on Toby. Ged pretty little Liars it officially ended in 2017, many people still enjoy watching and talking about the series.

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