‘Pretty Little Liars’: Ashley Benson Is Responsible for 1 of the Show’s Most Memorable Elements

Ashley Benson, ABC star pretty little Liars, he has a secret. Can you keep it? Best to lock in your pocket! If you read those last sentences and find yourself immediately descending to the motto words from pretty little Liars subject song, you may be surprised to hear that Benson played a major role in the selection of the song. But just as this particular track came to an end as the opening song for the TV show was as randomly appealing as any of the abusive pranks A.

Ashley Benson smiled, turned to the side
Ashley Benson | Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

The Pierces are the band behind the theme song ‘Pretty Little Liars’

In pretty little Liars, the show often kills characters, just until the same character returns in future titles (sometimes with a surprising twist, like a doppelgänger or a couple who missed a long time). Similarly, “Secret” also returns.

The band Denmark + Winter covered the song in 2019 and gave it their own twist. And this updated version is now a theme song of Pretty little binders: The Perfectionists. Although the original one pretty little Liars which ended in 2017, the new spinoff show ended in 2019 located in a Rosewood-esque town called Beacon Heights. Many fans think that the cover from Denmark + Winter is even more attractive than the original.

Hollywood Reporter recently announced another spinoff of pretty little Liars in the works. Whether “Mystery” – as it was originally or as another cover – remains the theme song of the show remains to be announced.

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