‘Positions’: Ariana Grande Came From a ‘More Healed Place’ Than ‘Thank U, Next’ — ‘I’m Happy To Not Be in That Kind of Pain Anymore’

Singer Ariana Grande she began writing her fifth studio album, Thank you U, Forward, following the death of her boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller. During the process, she separated from that time, comedian Pete Davidson. Each relationship has a presence on several paths.

Ariana Grande will be attending the 13th annual Billboard Women in Music event in New York City.
Ariana Grande will be attending the 13th annual Billboard Women in Music event in New York City. | Angela Weiss / AFP through Getty Images

With its 2020 agenda, Careers, Grande was in a very different place. She started going around the repeater Dalton Gomez and has spent a lot of time out of the public eye. Find out how the two tables are different.

Ariana Grande’s ‘Positions’ record

Grande did little to inspire him Careers. When the list fell on October 30, 2020, she announced just one interview – Zach Sang exhibition. Speaking to Sang, she explained her main purpose with the new album: “I wanted to sing a little bit more about this one.”

“I think the goal for this is not just to continue the story because I feel like there is a line through it. [in my] projects now, ”said Grande. “I feel like there’s a clear feeling, ‘Oh cool, this is someone’s life’ that goes with it.” She said, “I think I’ve been excited to focus on recitation and making fun bops for a while, and I miss singing more.”

How it’s different from ‘Tap U, Next’

As well as moving away from “bops,” Grande said, “it felt nice to create from a healthier place. ”“ I know a lot of people like it, love, love Thank you U, Forward and I want to always do something like that, ”she continued. “I’m glad to no longer be in that kind of pain and to be in a new chapter.”

“I think the goal is to create something that would feel more vocal and healthier as a reflection of where I am,” said Grande Careers. “It’s been almost two years since then Thank you U, Forward, ”She noted. “So I’m grateful that people still care to hear what I have to say.”

Grande ‘healed’ through the process

Sang asked Grande how she got to where she is now: Was the music due to healing? Or did she heal from writing it down? “It’s all at once,” replied Grande. “I think this kind of thing goes hand in hand. I think the music and the healing go together. ”She said,“ I don’t think one can happen without the other for me. ”

Grande built two tracks that reflected this. “I think that’s obvious when you hear ‘Off the Table’ go into ‘Safety Net. ‘That fear of new love and [being] i am afraid that it is you being like the thing that is holding this back from being a successful, happy, healthy love… and that it is your trauma that is contributing to it. ”

Grande also noticed that her time was single and on the road helped her to where she is. “I had a year and a half without – or you know, aiming to just heal them and just do some music here and there throughout the [Sweetener] tour. ”

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