Phylicia Rashad’s Intense Stare Scored Her the Role of Clair on ‘The Cosby Show’

Casting is an essential part of the creative process for films and television shows. After all, an awesome actor can destroy even a separate script. On the flip side, actors have such an amazing craft that even a missing plot can bring to life when they light up the screen. Choosing who to throw in each job is a difficult and progressive process that often depends on small details. That was the case for Phylicia Rashad when she landed Clair’s part on it Cosby Show.

‘The Cosby Show’ had broken family TV

There were a lot of actors waiting for the part of Clair Huxtable, and Cosby sat on the screen tests to help determine who would eventually finish the role. In the scene in which the hearings were set Clair was arguing with her son Theo on screen.

according to Floss mind, Rashad’s lab stood out from the crowd because of her subtle body language during the argument. While most of the aspiring actors of the Clair raised their fingers and put their hands on their hips to express their dissatisfaction with the child, Rashad took a different approach.

She froze and looked at Theo. The scene was fading, and Cosby was sure he had found the right Clair.

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