Phil Collins Says He’s Being Extorted After Ex-Wife, Orianne Cevey Claims He Stopped Showering and Brushing His Teeth

Phil Collins and his former wife, Orianne Cevey, fighting over their $ 33 million beach building, and is now rushed to the brutal accusations of the famous drummer and singer. Collins has moved to remove the charges from the register claiming he has been fired. So what ‘s going on between Collins and the mother of two of her children?

Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey separated in 2006 but ended up reuniting

Collins may have been lucky in music, but he was certainly unlucky in love. The face of Genesis has been married and separated three times separately. Cevey is his newest ex-wife, and although the pair separated back in 2006, they reunited in 2016 when Collins followed Cevey to Miami so he could be close to his younger sons.

Phil Collins attends the Little Dreams Foundation Gala Press Conference
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Cevey and Collins ’renewed love should not have survived, however. In early 2020, Cevey was involved in another relationship. according to Vanity Fair, Collins served his ex-wife with eviction papers in October 2020. The couple has two teenage sons. They have their eldest child, Nicholas, 19. Their youngest son, Matthew, 15. Collins has three children from previous relationships.

Phil Collins has already paid a major divorce settlement to Orianne Cevey

While Collins and Cevey are fighting in court over a large Miami estate, the musician has already paid out a large sum of money to Cevey. In 2008, when the pair’s divorce was finalized, Collins paid Cevey $ 46 million.

Phil Collins and Orianne Collins will appear together at an event in 2018
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Collins only paid Cevey after divorce. The musician was ordered to pay a large settlement to his second half-wife, Jennifer Tavelman. Back in 1996, Tavelman was ordered to pay $ 34 million. Tevelman is the mother of Emily in Paris star, Lily Collins.

Orianne Cevey says Phil Collins stopped brushing and brushing his teeth

Cevey and Collins renamed their relationship in 2016, but by 2019 things were not going well. According to court documents, Cevey ended the relationship and married another man, but she wants a judge to enforce the accused’s verbal consent. Cevey speculates that Collins promised to give her a 50% bet at their home in Miami when they decided to get back together. Collins tries to evict Cevey and her husband, a 31-year-old businessman, from the building.

Orianne Collins attends Little Dreams Foundation music interviews
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Cevey, in addition to claiming to have a 50% share in the home, raised some serious allegations against her musician. She says Collins between 2019 and 2020 stopped brushing completely and refused to brush teeth. She also said he was ill. according to Page six, Cevey said Collins was drinking too much, abusing drugs, and behaving in an abusive manner before leaving the couple ‘s Miami home. A lawyer speaking on behalf of Collins has suggested that Cevey is just trying to extend her ex – exile.

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