Perez Hilton Thinks Some Fans Take the Britney Spears ‘#FreeBritney’ Movement Too Far

Well-known blogger Perez Hilton says some fans are taking the #FreeBritney trend too far and that only Britney Spears, her family, and doctors really know what’s going on with her.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari
Britney Spears and Sam Asghari J. Merritt / Getty Photos for GLAAD

“I think he’s fine,” he told Behind the Velvet rope by David Yontef podcast. “I mean, but it’s not at the same time because some people are taking it too long. Some hard-core fans who pose threats to people connected to Britney will not accept that. ”

“By worrying about her, all right,” he continued. “Heck if you even want to appear out of court and complain, go for it. But doxing people, posing death threats or other types of threats, and harassing those family members or team members, like I don’t think that’s cool. And she has said time and time again that I leave. ”

Lance bass sides with the #FreeBritney movement

Singer Lance Bass has a different opinion about the #FreeBritney movement. “I definitely feel for her,” he told Australia recently Today more. “We should definitely listen to her, and if she wants to get out of this predicament with her father in control, we should listen to her.”

But Bass admitted he doesn’t know the details behind the reservation and its position. Adds, “But I trust her sister, Jamie Lynne,” he said. “And while Jamie Lynn is cool with whatever she’s doing, I have to be.”

Jamie Spears said the move has become dangerous for his daughter’s inner circle. “People are being stalked and targeted by death threats,” he said. “It’s terrible. We don’t want those fans. I love my daughter. I love all my kids. But this is our business. It is private. ”

Jamie Spears has filed a lawsuit against Anthony Elia who published the blog “Absolute Britney”, ET was reported last year. Elia has been accused of “falsely claiming that Britney’s team is using social media in a way to misrepresent and harm her.”

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