Paul McCartney Explains Why He’s Jealous of Bob Dylan

Paul McCartney has been at the center of a lot of music for the last 60 years. Lots of artists watch him, and he’s their fan too. The former Beatle has praised classical artists like The Rolling Stone and modern ones like Taylor Swift. When it comes to Bob Dylan, however, McCartney admits he is genuinely jealous of the country myth.

Paul McCartney Austin City Boundaries
Paul McCartney | Gary Miller / Getty Images

McCartney was his guest Adam Buxton Podcast on December 11 to promote his new album, McCartney III which is now available. Buxton raised McCartney ‘s views in an interview with Uncut magazine about Dylan. McCartney explained himself further.

That is why Paul McCartney is jealous of Bob Dylan

Buxton read the quote McCartney gave Uncut. “I always love what he does,” McCartney told the magazine. “Sometimes I wish I was a little more like Bob. It’s mythical and not shy. ”

McCartney clarified to Buxton that he wishes he could be more like Dylan. It didn’t mean that he traded catalogs or posts with Dylan, but McCartney might take a look at the way Dylan plays live.

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney | Jim Dyson / Getty Images

“So I have to admit there’s something heroic about that,” McCartney said. “He has a room full of people who love him and who come to hear him make that song they like but he just goes, ‘like a rolling stone, like a rolling stone. ‘It’s just not like that, Bob. If he’s on a talent contest, he would get booed off but I love him. I love his unparalleled standing. “

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