Patrick Mahomes Reveals What He’s Most Thankful for in 2020

While 2020 has been a year many would like to forget, this is one NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes you may want to remember for a very long time.

The year began with the signalman leading his team to victory after winning the playoffs before winning the franchise’s first Super Bowl in February. Mahomes then signed a contract extension in July worth more than $ 500 million. And in September, he and his longtime boyfriend from Brittany got involved and later announced that they were expecting their first child together. So with all the big things that have happened in his life this year, what’s at the top of the list?

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes | Andy Lyons / Getty Images

What Patrick Mahomes got his teammates for Christmas

For the Christmas holidays, the convener gave gift tokens to his players that were such a big part of the Chiefs’ success this season.

“I got the gifts o-linemen, and some of the coaches, some of the quarterbacks and guys like that. I mean you have to take care of those people beforehand, I mean they take care of you every day, ”Mahomes said during his weekly hospitality session KCSP Sports Radio 610‘s The Drive.

The athlete revealed that he “gave a pair of watches to linemen. As a group, I mean I have to take care of those boys a little more than everyone else. No offense to any of my other boys but that group is getting some special treatment. ”

Mahomes made sure he didn’t leave out his coach either in terms of gifts.

“The coaches, I gave them some travel gear with some Adidas clothing, some Oakleys, and all sorts of things that coaches love and I thought they could use them,” he said. “They were very grateful for that and everything like that. Just like anything else, these people spend all their lives at the facilities preparing to put us in the best possible position, so you want to pay attention to the people. that too. “

The most thankful thing for him in 2020

Patrick Mahomes Wales Matthews
Patrick Mahomes and Wales Andy Lyons / Getty Images

Now that Christmas is over and we are preparing for the new year, Mahomes reflects on his amazing 2020 and the best that has happened this year.

“For me, it had to do with the promise and the pregnancy,” Mahomes said The Drive hosting Carrington Harrison and Sean Levine. “These things are special, you don’t have to happen much in your life. Being able to be a father and being able to get married here soon, I am truly grateful for that. I mean, the Super Bowl was awesome too, but those things change your life, and it’s more than football. ”

What Mahomes is looking forward to in 2021

The NFL star and her boyfriend can’t wait to be parents and are really looking forward to having a daughter to celebrate the holidays with next year.

“With bubbles I can see everything. I see the whole process of [Brittany] going through pregnancy and everything like that, ”Mahomes explained. “Hopefully just after the Super Bowl [we’re] able to bring a little girl into this world and [I] get to be a father in due time. ”

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