Patricia Heaton’s Father Tried to Stop Her From Becoming an Actor: ‘He Was Disappointed’

Before she found fame in Debra Barone’s role on it Everyone loves Raymond, Patricia Heaton struggled for several years as an actress. She went to acting classes, worked countless side jobs to meet two ends, but she didn’t give up.

At the time, her father, sports writer Chuck Heaton, was becoming increasingly impatient with her career choice and wanted her to settle into a sensible job.

Here is what happened and when Heaton’s father finally accepted his daughter’s dream.

Patricia Heaton
Patricia Heaton | Frazer Harrison / Getty Photos

Patricia Heaton’s father was a well-known sports writer

Chuck Heaton was a popular sports writer for Ohio’s The Plain Seller.

Over his 50-year career with the publication, Chuck covered all the possible sports in his casual style. After he was arrested in 2008, his five-year-old father died surrounded by family.

Up until 2019 his son Michael was also employed as an entertainment writer at the same publication as his father. At the time of his father’s death, Michael reported, “The whole family was there, all gathered in his room. He said goodbye to all of us, he left no stone unturned, the strategy of leaving perfect. He had a good, long life. ”

Chuck Heaton wanted his daughter to have a steady job

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Long after a girl achieved her long-term goal of becoming an actress, Chuck looked back on her journey in a column for Cleveland magazine in 2002.

“My daughter Patty has certainly gone on to do great things with her talent, and you can be sure that I am very proud of her,” he wrote. “It’s not that I take any credit. Perhaps the best thing I’ve ever done – as well as putting food on the table, paying for tuition, and getting her to go to church on Sunday – was to stay out of her way. ”

Chuck’s first wife and mother of five died in 1971, leaving him to raise his young. During his later remarriage, he was known as “heartbroken, soul-searching” for the family.

He expressed his hope at the time that Patricia would leave his chase after fame and “work at [Ohio supermarket] Heinen’s, because I heard they offered a great benefits package. ”

In the end, Chuck was excited for Patricia. “Two Emmy Awards later, it’s easy to say I knew she was in it or I recognized her talent early on. ”

Patricia Heaton’s father was her biggest fan

As Heaton expressed herself after her father’s death, he was there for her when he counted. Especially when she wasn’t so sure herself that she would succeed any kind.

“When I was moving to New York after college, my father was against the idea,” she told at the time. “But when he saw that I wanted to go, he said, ‘How much money do you need?’ and I wrote a check for $ 800.

“And when he came to visit me, he never showed his desperation when he had to step over homeless people to walk up to my dumpy apartment.”

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