Paris Jackson Fears Being Compared to Her Dad, Michael Jackson

To be the child famous person certainly seems to have its pros and cons and for the children of Michael Jackson, Michael Joseph ‘Prince’ Jackson Jr, Paris Jackson, and Prince Michael ‘Blanket’ Jackson II, this is especially true. The media has been covering them ever since they were young children and investigating how their relationship with their late father affected them.

Children of Michael Jackson Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson | Taylor Hill / FilmMagic

In fact, the media was so popular with Michael Jackson’s children, that the singer “Dirty Diana” often wore masks as children to help protect them from the public eye. Today, the sisters do not go to such levels, but they still take away much of their private life from the public. Paris, however, seems to be following in her father’s footsteps and giving people a glimpse of her private life through music.

Why Paris Jackson is scared compared to her father, Michael Jackson

While Paris has continued to model in the past, in 2020 she released her debut album, Wilted. As one of Michael Jackson ‘s children, it should come as no surprise that the home in which she was raised was always full of all kinds of music. Of course, music is an essential part of Parisian life. But, for a while, she struggled with the decision to release her own music. In an interview with NPR, the model revealed why she had such a complaint.

“Well, other than the obvious – for fear of being compared to my father – I don’t know,” Paris said of believing that she would be compared to Michael musically. “I just am – music has always been such a big part of my life, and it has always been like the air I breathe. Most of my music friends are still fond of making music, but a handful of music friends of this type started to see it as work. I always felt that if I ever saw it as a job, I would start to succeed. And if I don’t have music, I don’t feel like I have much. So I was really scared to embrace music as I thought it would be. ”

Singer ‘Let Down’ continues to try out her music

But Paris seems to have accepted that music is part of its journey with distribution Wilted. But she is very skeptical that, like Michael, she will continue to experiment with different sounds and tones while continuing to release music to the world. So fans shouldn’t be too comfortable with sticking to the same genres she explored in her debut album.

“I don’t know if I could say I’ve found my voice or found my sound because I don’t really plan on following this formula, for example. I mean, of course, this album – because it’s a concept album, the songs are all very costly, and they all go together, ”said Paris. “But, you know, the next projects I’m working on, I don’t plan on sticking to the same sound. I want to study. I want to try. I want, you know, to explore different layers, different textures. I am still on that journey. ”

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