‘On the Rocks’ Movie Review: Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola’s ‘Lost In Translation’ Reunion

On the rocks the recently awaited reunion with Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola since then Very Murray’s Christmas. In fact, since then Lost in translation even though they made Christmas special together.

On the rocks
Rashida Jones and Bill Murray Apple

It’s more of a comedy just than Murray or Coppola has been doing lately ever and it’s an update on that. Both this and the team are on the rise On the rocks above the usual light romp.

Daddy’s daughter stalking in ‘On the Rocks’

Laura (Rashida Jones) is married to Dean (Marlon Wayans). They have two children and Dean was recently drawn. He engages in suspicious behavior and travels extensively with Fiona (Jessica Henwick).

Laura’s father Felix (Murray) is increasingly skeptical of his knowledge of how men do things. He brings Laura together to strike Dean and they bond through the activity.

Welcome back, funny Bill Murray

In the last 20 years, when Murray is funny in a movie it’s usually a cameo. This is a whole movie with Murray being funny and engaging, not in a very similar way to his ’80s movies, but proving that you still have it.

Bill Murray and Rashida Jones
Rashida Jones and Bill Murray Apple

On the rocks making an effective case for the fatigue that Laura rightly feels between family responsibilities and the other people she meets who want her attention. Hollywood rom-com would hate Laura for being a responsible wife and mother. On the rocks identifying her and giving her the respect she deserves in that position.

On the rocks a lighter film for 21st century Coppola and Murray, but still adds depth to the shenanigans. It’s an awesome watch on Apple TV + on October 23rd.

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