Olympic Snowboarder Jamie Anderson Tells Us About Her Latest Project

Showbiz’s fake page was chatting to Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson. She has accomplished several feats under her belt. As of this writing, Anderson is the most decorated winner in the history of X Games. (The X Games are a major sporting event that ESPN holds annually.)

Anderson is also working on an exciting new partnership. Here ‘s what she told us about her new project and her career as a snowboarder.

Showbiz fake page: How did you get started on a snowboard? What has your career journey been like so far?

Jamie Anderson |  Marianna Massey / Getty Images
Jamie Anderson | Marianna Massey / Getty Images

Jamie Anderson: I started snowboarding when I was nine years old, after getting some hand-down gear and a snowboard from family friends. I ended up getting certified for Winter Games X just four years later.

A year later, I took home bronze, becoming the youngest female winner in X Games history. Since then, my love of the sport has not grown. I have 17 X Games medals, two Olympic gold medals, one Olympic silver medal, four countless Espy and Dew Rounds, the FIS World Cup and the US Open under my belt.

CS: What is your only challenge along the way and how did you get over it?

JA: I have hurt a lot over the years and it is always challenging to come back! One in particular damaged my spleen, it was horrible and painful and took a long time to heal. That gave me the confidence to take care of my body and learn from the experience. It can be great even from the most difficult of times!

CS: What made you partner with Olay?

JA: I teamed up with Olay Body to celebrate the rides of fearless women, like myself, who fight the harsh winter weather every day. Olay Body provides women with the tools they need to fight winter skin dryness which is why I love Olay Cleansing & Nourishing Body Wash and Olay Rinse-Off Body Conditioner by Shea Butter.

Both products serve as the first line of defense for my skin and are made with supercharged ingredients like Vitamin B3 Complex and Hyaluronic Acid that cleanse the skin to lock in moisture before I even step out of the shower.

CS: What advice would you give to professional snowboarders?

JA: If I had to advise professional snowboarders, I would say follow your heart! Have fun and let the passion burn in you! Life should be enjoyed. Do what you love!

CS: What are your professional and / or personal goals for the next 5 years? Where do you hope to see yourself?

JA: I’d like to continue snowboarding at events as well as exploring more countryside back and working on more film projects. I also want to have a big garden and live off the land!

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