Offset Is ‘Doing Everything He Can’ To Convince Cardi B To Stop Their Divorce

It looks like things could be up in the air when it comes to the Cardi B and Offset wedding. The A-list rappers have had a great and genuine public friendship. Although they married in 2017, and often featured their relationship and their admirable 2-year-old daughter, Kulture, on social media, their marriage has often been torn apart by infidelity Offset.

In fact, the pair briefly broke back in 2018 after the rapper Migos was caught in another fake scandal. However, the pair seemed to want things to work out. Together they were among quarantines celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

However, on September 15, the rapper “Money” filed for divorce from her husband. Now, it seems that Offset is not ready to release the marriage. He does everything in his power to win back Cardi.

Offset and Cardi B stand back on stage at Jeremy Scott’s show during New York Fashion Week: The Displays at Gallery I at Spring Studios on September 6, 2018 in New York City.
Offset and Cardi B stand back at Jeremy Scott’s show during New York Fashion Week: The Showcase at Gallery I at Spring Studios on September 6, 2018 in New York City. | Theo Wargo / Getty Photos for NYFW: The Showcase

Cardi B says she grew tired of the deception and the argument

Offset apparently continued to cheat on Cardi throughout their marriage and finally, the “WAP” singer was just tired. In her divorce films, the documents stated that the marriage was broken up and there was no room for reconciliation.

“This time I wasn’t crying,” Cardi said in the video through Hollywoodlife. “It simply came to our notice then. I see people say it’s because he has a baby on the way – that’s a whole f * cking lie. This is the second time that people are trying to crush babies here. No, that’s bullsh * t. I have been with this man for 4 years, ”she said. “I have a child with this man. I have a family with this guy. Sometimes you just want to – you just get tired of the arguments, of the buildups. “

In fact, the Bronx-born rapper had stopped talking to her husband in the weeks after his divorce.

Cardi B and Offset do not have negative feelings towards each other

Despite the rollercoaster relationship, there still seems to be a strong connection between Cardi and Offset. In fact, when an Offset Twitter fan called him a “bad guy” Attack on privacy ran apper entered to defend it.

“I won’t take af *** if you don’t like it,” she said in a tweet now deleted. Cosmopolitan. “I will not talk to him but you will not respect my father. I’ll slap the s— out of you in curtesy Kulture. If he dies, he broke, you are not the one who is going to raise my child & you are not the 1 who will pay for it as a *** ”

Offset apparently took that and ran with it, showing up and showing off at Cardi’s 28th anniversary celebrations on Oct. 10 in Las Vegas.

Offset desperately wants Cardi B to cancel their divorce

While they hadn’t spoken, Offset showed up in Vegas for Cardi’s birthday giving her a Rolls-Royce. The fallen couple were also seen kissing and dancing and Cardi admitted that Offset was in bed with her when she accidentally posted an NSFW photo on Instagram.

Offset seems to be doing his best to get Cardi to give him another chance. “Behavior is the best behavior right now,” said a messenger Life of Hollywood. “He’s doing his best to prove to Cardi that he’s worth it. He knows he ‘s not perfect, but he really feels that he and Cardi belong together and he puts all the focus on her. He was miserable without her and knows that he is more fortunate to have a woman like her so he is just doing what he can to convince her not to go through with the separation- marriage. ”

So far, Cardi has not withdrawn her divorce petition, but Offset is optimistic. Follow the source,

Right now he’s just very, very happy to have been able to spend time with her again, he hated being apart from her. She is the only woman he loves. He loves everything about her. She is so talented and fun and has such a big heart and moreover, she is the best mother to Kulture. He cannot imagine his life without his wife.

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