Not Even Robert Pattinson – ‘Tenet’ Star – Knew What Was Going on in ‘Tenet’

When the Christopher Nolan film went Tenet entered theaters, it quickly became one of the top films of 2020.

The famous film director with a tight grip left only a small comment on the film’s sketch lineup, so all the fans had to go on which was meaningful and dubious. Tenet film trailer.

Audience early comments greatly influenced the hype of the film as it spread across the country. But as more and more people saw Nolan ‘s latest work, there was one common answer: Uncertainty. If you were feeling the same way, you are almost alone.

It turns out that even Robert Pattinson, who plays Neil (the main character’s handler) is in. Tenet, they did not understand what was going on in the film. In a recent interview, Pattinson shared exactly what was going on in his mind as he read his scripts.

Christopher Nolan is best known for his complex film plots

according to IndieWire, TenetA $ 200 million production budget made it the most expensive film in the history of Nolan filmmaking. That budget paid, with Mojo Box Office notes that the film raised more than $ 360 million during its theater run. A.

nd despite a lot of scathing critics in their reviews, especially because of the dizzying plot and muffled sound mix, the film ended up getting a 70% rating on the review collection website Tomatoes Rotten.

The film may have succeeded in elevating Pattinson’s rehabilitative role. Although he may be best known for his role in the Evening franchise and various special films, Tenet it was Pattinson ‘s first mainstream film in years.

Variety reports that Pattinson ‘s next mainstream film role is expected: He’s cast as Batman in a DC superhero movie Am Batman. The superhero flick is expected to come out in early 2022.

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