Nicole Kidman Revealed the ‘Disturbing’ Part of Making ‘The Undoing’

In a new interview, Nicole Kidman opened up about the hardest elements of acting, including the “anxious” aspects she found while playing some of her roles. Kidman shared that when she was doing An Undoing for HBO, her physical and mental health took a toll.

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant of 'The Undoing' during the 2020 Winter Television Critics Association Newsletter
Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images for WarnerMedia

Nicole Kidman shared the challenge of her role in ‘The Undoing’

In an interview with January 11 on the WTF By Marc Maron podcast, Kidman explained how the HBO drama series was being filmed An Undoing Hugh Grant had a “worrying” feature.

Kidman shared how she approaches her achievements, looking at “acting that involves the unconscious” against the conscience. “I’m interested in the performance that I don’t know how to deliver,” she said and “without planning… it’s very fluid when you take. ”

“I am here to bring in answers and facts,” she said.

Kidman shared that, while working on it Big Little Lies and An Undoing, she “grows” like the person she is playing because she lives in character.

“Even on An Undoing it happened where I was just as I was suddenly in this place of… There was a kind of unhappiness in my person, ”she said,“ where I was uneasy and desperate for who I was. ”

“I got really sick and I think this is a big thing that happens to actors,” she said. An Undoing. “I went down for a week, because your immune system doesn’t know the difference between acting and reality when you’re doing them,” Kidman explained.

“I didn’t learn how to tell my brain and body, ‘oh this is just acting’… I didn’t learn how to clean that,” she said.

Although she said that some actors can train themselves to solve fact and fiction, “it doesn’t really work for me.”

Some of her acting roles felt that she was not “well” and could not sleep. “That worries me,” Kidman said.

In contrast, she said playing Angie in Am Prom experience was much lighter. “Great, I get to dance and I love everyone,” she said.

Nicole Kidman is in talks to play Lucille Ball

Kidman’s career has never slowed down and it is reported that she is speaking to play a very prominent role – the famous Lucille Ball.

Variety reports that Kidman and Javier Bardem are in talks to play Ball and Desi Arnaz in a film called “Being the Ricardos.”

“The film takes place in production week on the set of I Love Lucy, starting with Monday ‘s record read through Friday’ s audience view, ”reports Variety.

Aaron Sorkin wrote the screenshot and directed the film.

Nicole Kidman explained why she loves acting

Maron asked Kidman why she was pushing herself to “keep taking opportunities” with acting and explained, “I want to be mad about my art and…. I’m interested. I am knowledgeable and interested and hungry to explore and study what life means. What people are, who we are, how we are. ”

“I’m still fascinated by the study of what this life is and who we are as human beings,” she said. “That depth, I love it.”

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