New Edition: Who is Ricky Bell’s Wife, Amy Correa Bell?

As a founding member of New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe, Ricky Bell has been under scrutiny for decades. And he doesn’t seem to be the only seasonal entertainer in Bell’s home. His wife, Amy Correa Bell, also works in the show business, and she seems to be very busy.

Amy Correa Bell and Ricky Bell
Amy Correa Bell and Ricky Bell Leon Bennett / Getty Images

Ricky Bell married Amy Correa Bell on his birthday

The relationship of the Bells was briefly described The new edition story but there’s a lot more to Amy Correa Bell than what appears on screen. The two happily exchanged boots on September 18, 2004. It was a very sexual move, considering that it was also Mr. Bell’s birthday, making it an easy date to remember for her. happy couple.

The Bells seem to have a tight connection

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Based on their highly active social media feeds, the Bells seem to be going strong. The couple posts photos, videos, and heartfelt messages on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. They engage and entertain their fans with tons of popcorn-worthy content, including commendable video of the duo dancing in a grocery store to “Cool It Now. ”

And according to Bell, the couple grew even closer through quarantine. The singer appeared with his band Bell Biv DeVoe in real time Entrepreneur Essence Collection in December 2020 and briefly spoke about how his outlook had changed and how his marriage had succeeded in the midst of an unprecedented global crisis.

“I am excited about the new understanding and knowledge and insight we have gained through this pandemic,” Bell said. “I know it’s been challenging for all of us here, you know, just to be at home and not be able to live our normal lives on the road, especially for me, it’s been very challenging. But I’ve got a new perspective and I’ve gotten a lot closer and better in communication with my wife, so I’m excited and excited about that. “

Amy Correa Bell is proud of her Latinx heritage

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On social media, The Bells often emphasizes the importance of mixing two cultures – Black and Puerto Rican – through marriage. In fact, both Bells have used the hashtags, #afrolatinolove, #interacialmarriage, and #loveislove. They’ve also used their platform to educate fans about trailblazers that helped legalize interracial marriage in America.

June 12, known as Love Day, Correa Bell wrote on Instagram, “Love Day was inspired by the decision of Loving Supreme Court v. Virginia (June 12, 1967) and Richard and Mildred Loving fought for justice as an intersex couple. It’s hard to imagine that Ricky and I were arrested for being married 53 years ago. So grateful for the Lovings and everything they stood for. We really depend on you all! Because they were saying ‘NO’ @MrRickyBell and I could say ‘YES’

Amy Correa Bell is a player in her own right

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As well as being a top social media player, Correa Bell is a talented entertainer. The Bells have put together music, including their 2018 duet, “Gold,” and their 2019 sequel, “Motion. On the solo front, Correa Bell has released “Supreme,” “Blessings,” and “Days Like This,” among other groovy tunes.

In addition to her musical talents, Correa Bell has built acting credits in a number of large and small projects. Media buffs may have seen the star on shows like That is Raven and Dexter, as well as major films including You, Me, & the Circus and Girl as grace.

The Bells are a real power couple in Hollywood. And fortunately for fans, we can all keep tabs on current and upcoming projects through the magic of social media.

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