New Batwoman Javicia Leslie Reacts to Wearing the Batsuit for the First Time

When Batwoman first in 2020, Javicia Leslie never thought she would play the role of DC Comics. Ruby Rose was a Batwoman. Rose then left the series and the post came again. Leslie won the job of new Batwoman Ryan Wilder.

Batwoman: Javicia Leslie
Javicia Leslie | An CW

Leslie spoke on the Zoom panel for the Television Critics Association on January 15. Leslie described how he was wearing a Batwoman suit for the first time and what it meant to her. Batwoman air Sunday at 8pm on the CW.

‘Batwoman’ was part of Javicia Leslie’s childhood

Leslie said Batman and all the spinoffs were important to her and her older brother. That includes Batwoman.

“I grew up watching movies based on comic books,” says Leslie. “My brother was a great comic book collector so I played and played in his comic books, but for me that was the screen changes. So when you talk about anything related to bat, Batman, Batwoman, Batgirl, Robin, I follow a lot. ”

Javicia Leslie
Javicia Leslie | An CW

“I know as a Batman fan, the suit has always represented a legacy,” Leslie said. “This is the suit, but the individual must be worthy of that legacy. That’s the kind of journey Ryan goes on because when he first puts on the suit, like me when I first got the job, you question everything you’ve worked on and what that represents, what this legacy means. As she embarks on her journey, you will find out if she deserves it or not but it is the journey that possesses her batness. ”

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