‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Chris O’Donnell Talks About Burnout

Chris O’Donnell has been playing G. Callen on it NCIS: Los Angeles since 2009. Has it ever been burned out? Here is what O’Donnell once said about his work on the famous CBS series.

Chris O’Donnell films and TV shows

Chris O'Donnell on NCIS set: Los Angeles  CBS through Getty Images
Chris O’Donnell on NCIS set: Los Angeles CBS through Getty Images

O’Donnell started the first television acting program in the 1986 program of the series Jack and Mike entitled “Cry Uncle.” He played the character Ewan. He made his film debut in 1990 Men do not leave, in which he played the character Chris Macauley. The next year, he played Buddy Threadgoode in Fried green tomatoes. O’Donnell brought on the first television part again The practice. He played Brad Stanfield for four programs in 2003.

O’Donnell’s other films include an appearance in School links, The smell of women, The Three Musketeers, Circle of friends, Batman forever, and Batman & Robin.

Chris O’Donnell feels burning from working on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

During an interview with Entertainment tonight Canada, O’Donnell is asked if he feels a burn from his work NCIS: LA. The actor says he doesn’t feel tired from working on the show.

“I didn’t feel burned out,” said O’Donnell. “I think there are different ways of firing them out. Some guys, I think, are burned out by the schedule. We have been very fortunate to run a very tight boat here and maintain reasonable hours and manage that effectively. But you can also be fired out of the character and play the role. For me, it’s still fun and exciting. I mean, it took me 8 years to figure out what mine was [character’s] the first name went. ”

O’Donnell says there is always something new coming up NCIS: Los Angeles, so it is always on toes. He has not yet grown tired of the series or his character. “There are always new stories and people coming in and out of the character’s life, and not to mention we’ll get subtle series that appear every week,” said O’Donnell.

Burnout has reportedly been a problem on the set of ‘NCIS’

O’Donnell doesn’t seem to have a problem with working hours NCIS: Los Angeles, but other actors have expressed concerns about the long days on the set of a sister show NCIS. Seann NCIS Actress Jessica Steen told Showbiz Cheat Sheet she was amazed at how hard the team works. However, those long hours have led some before NCIS actors to leave the show. One example is Sasha Alexander (Agent Kate Todd), who retired after two seasons.

“It’s amazing to have a show that goes so far; not many shows do, ”says Steen. “Anyone who is involved in that kind of longevity has to be very grateful. That said, it’s a slog. These boys don’t have much life. They go from the top of the day to the bottom of the day. ”

Steen says days are very long, and it takes focus and commitment to make such a show a reality NCIS. “They have ‘Fraturdays’. As the week goes on, the days start later, and you don’t end up, often, on a Saturday morning. They shoot pretty far out in Los Angeles. So you have to either move or travel a lot. It’s an awful life. ”

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