‘My Strange Addiction’: The Sad Story That Inspired Ryan Gosling’s ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ Character

TLC’s My weird dissertation the popular documentary featuring cringe-worthy supplements like eating body-burning ashes and drinking urine. The show definitely goes for the “wow” factor, and how best to grosser or weirder the addiction. The series tends to focus more on portraying people as side-by-side freaks in carnivals than regular people who may need a little care and understanding from lovers. Perhaps the setting behind one film – Davecat – is the inspiration behind the film Lars and the real girl.

Ryan Gosling turned to the side, looking at a picture of his character from 'Lars and the Real Girl'
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Who is Davecat?

Davecat is part of a community of people who call themselves “iDollators.” IDollators have relationships with anatomically correct life-size silicone dolls instead of real ones. Davecat’s wife, Sidore, cost about $ 6,000 and even has a fake tongue. He also has a doll mistress – Elena. He bought Elena to keep Sidore company when he is not home but now says he has a relationship with the two of them, according to The West Bay.

Davecat describes human women as “organic women” and says that a synthetic relationship is easier and more satisfying than that with a real man, according to DailyMail. He doesn’t see the point in working hard to win a woman’s love and has to wait for her to make time for him. His dolls are always waiting for him at home and are available whenever he wants to spend time with them.

The dolls are about five feet high and about 78 pounds. While they may look expensive, Davecat says it was well worth the price as a real relationship would be “a huge investment of time, money and emotion.” Unfortunately, he can’t enjoy an old date night with his dolls, as he won’t take them out in public. People who are afraid of things they do not understand are afraid of verbal or physical assault.

When was Davecat on ‘My Strange Addiction’?

In 2011, Davecat appeared on the TLC series My weird dissertation. The documentary series focuses on real people with fetishes and add-ons that will make viewers cringe. The greater the panic value, the better for the series.

My weird dissertation he was accused of using his subjects, rather than helping them find the help they might need. In Davecat’s case, he struggles from a terrible fear of rejection. This fear is the reason why he cannot build relationships with real women. Instead of withdrawing from the world and making up relationships with illegitimate things, he would get the help he needed and lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

Did he inspire a film character?

Some speculate that the story of Davecat may be the inspiration behind the main character in the film Lars and the real girl. That seems like a stretch, since the film was released in 2007, and Davecat hasn’t appeared on it. My weird dissertation until 2011. However, the doll in the film came from RealDoll, the company that made Davecat dolls.

The film follows the story of Lars Lindstrom, a 27-year-old who is extremely social. Lars has become very isolated, and he orders a doll named Bianca that becomes a standout for a true lover. He will be very attached to Bianca, and even take him to dinner with his family. When the city psychologist encourages his family to play along with his fashion to prevent emotional damage, they go on board. Bianca ends up engaging in a number of social outings around town, even picking up weird tasks like reading to school children during story time (via a recorder).

The film is heartwarming and explores the small but real community of people who prefer doll company to real people.

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