Mo’Nique Refuses To Dye Her Gray Hair

Mo’Nique is an Academy Award-winning actor who has worked in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. The actor has appeared in several films, including Valuable, Almost Christmas, and several others. In the early 2000s, she starred on the Moesha spinoff, The Parkers, leading countless comedy shows.

Now, Mo’Nique has been focused on talking to her fans directly and focusing on her health and well-being. The Maryland-born star has also been adamant about gracefully growing older and not trying to force herself into some of Hollywood’s beauty standards.

That’s why the 52-year-old actress is rejecting the color of her gray hair.

Actor / Comedian Mo'Nique
Actor / Comedian Mo’Nique Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic

Inside Mo’Nique’s net worth and how she became famous

After graduating from college in the late 80s, Mo’Nique worked as a messenger service representative at a local telephone company. She started in the entertainment industry when her brother wanted her to play at the Baltimore Comedy Factory Center.

From there, she became a standup comedian as a debating member of Queen of Comedy. In 1999 she took part The Parkers. Now, more than 20 years later, Mo’Nique has had highs and lows in the industry, but it has never emerged from what she thinks is right.

according to Famous Net Worth, worth the actor / actor worth $ 13 million.

Mo’Nique has been focusing on her health and fitness in recent years

In the last few years, as she has slowed down with projects, Mo’Nique has focused on her health and well-being. After her 2009 film Valuable performance, the comedian explained that she was the heaviest she had ever been.

She explained that this made her focus on her health, which resulted in her dropping over 100 pounds. She is now under 200 pounds for the first time in 30 years. Mo’Nique told people that she has not chosen to use any gimmicks or have weight loss surgery. Instead, the comedy has focused on its fitness routine and diet.

She works out with a physical trainer, and has a raw diet. She even showed fans how to barbecue watermelon over the summer months.

Mo’Nique rejects the color of her gray hair

As well as focusing on her health and wellbeing, Mo’Nique also focuses on becoming more fit in business when people want to stay as young as possible forever. The comedian recently shared why she chooses to let her gray bras succeed in inspiration. Instagram role. She explained,

Hey beautiful sisters. I have been asked many times why I do not dye my hair. I WILL NOT. Sisters why some of us are afraid to let it happen. I’m going to let THE NATURAL PROCESS DO. I enjoy being mature, mentally and physically. I remember when I was younger seeing beautiful older women, that was good to be older / smarter. Imma let it happen. I love us 4REAL!

Fans were thrilled with Mo’Nique’s publicity, and confidence and other secretive women have admired the actress living a life on her own terms.

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